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For information on the gall bladder and liver flush as well as the products described on this bulletin board, visit the main area of the site:


Gall Bladder Flush, Part III

"If the scoliosis didn't show up until just recently, there is every reason to suspect something else, such as parasites and irregular use of calcium . . . Have you given this thought?"

- Ingrid

That thought had not occurred to me. However, I have been taking supplements for the past two years. Do you think it's possible that parasites may be blocking absorption of calcium? And if so, what would be a valid treatment? The scoliosis seems to have developed over a period of time. However, it appeared from the X-ray that a severe trauma occurred in the neck area because the disc's between the twisted vertebrae had deteriorated by more than 50%. There was, in fact, a severe injury that happened to my neck area as a child.

Back to the gall bladder...since the initial flush last week, I feel much better. Metabolism is improved. Even dramatic improvement in the excess mucus I've been experiencing. However, there remains a slight discomfort in the area of the gall stone. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it is a duct. I read about the procedure for gall bladder flush by Dr. Hulda Clark, who says that many people have as many as thousands of gall stones. She also says that if this is the case, then usually the pain would not completely go away. Her recommendation was to do the flush several times. In fact I did a second flush over the weekend but no more large gall stones came out, although there was some debris. I think perhaps another agent should be introduced to liquify some of the gunk?

I am suspecting that a duct(s) might be clogged. In any case, I want to try the "Stone Free" product and will order some today. If this works, as I suspect it will, then I'll order more. In any case, the gall stones that came out last week are sufficient validation that there was a problem. Now that I've turned my focus to that area, hopefully the organ will become rejuvenated. I am totally convinced, after years of reading and trying different approaches, that my recurring health problems are (were) related to the gall bladder. You might say that I've just narrowed things down at this point.


Mike here again.

I did some reading on parasites...I must say that a past parasitical infection may have been present, but would tend to discount that possibility within the last two years. Bones appeared strong on x-ray except for degeneration of disc's in key areas. But two years ago I had a health crisis, and there were circumstances that forced me to take my health into my own hands. Today I maintain a whole shelf of alternative medicines. Some would say I'm a fanatic. My wife probably would. But...my father died at 50 and I'm going on 47, and I plan on beating the odds. Medical diagnosis carries its own risks...such as eventual public disclosure and family pressure to submit to sometimes fatal treatments by misguided though otherwise benevolent health-case practitioners. Unfortunately it is a system created for the many except very rare cases...I am that rare case, unfortunately.

Colloidal silver is known to kill parasites. I have used colloidal silver successfully to fight a number of different things. Gradually I learned that colloidal silver is best used as a beverage. I make my own and dilute with distilled water, ingesting it every day. In addition, I eat fresh garlic at night. I also take oregano extract, goldenseal, and eat fresh pineapple. In short, it would be surprising if anything microbiological existed inside except friendly flora, since I take refrigerated tablets frequently. Recently I cured myself of an ingrown toenail with colloidal silver and strenuous massage. It occurs to me, however, that prolonged gall bladder problems might result in a collapsed immune system more prone to infections (?)

I have been relatively disease-free for over two years. However, I began to notice something was still wrong because the allergies were getting much worse, and more aggressive dosages of my own medicine were required during those days when I was obviously exposed to disease (because of colloidal silver, an MD would not diagnose me as sick on surface inspection, but in reality I do get very, very mild forms of what other people know as disease). It's really been a process of elimination that has me now focused upon the gall bladder -- although I want to maintain an open-mind about other possibilities. Last year, for example, my focus was the spinal column, for which I received more than 60-75 adjustments during a treatment period of 30 visits. This chiropractor is into many various diagnostic techniques and alternative approaches. He's the one who first suggested the problem with the gall bladder, specifically the duct(s). It seemed to fit the facts, since I should have been getting "more bang for the buck" what with all the things I was using. There was definitely a lack of absorption. My guess is that it will take a process of time to completely regenerate the gall bladder, but a giant leap was made last week.

BTW, I have ordered two bottles of Stone Free (I always think of Jimi Hendrix whenever I see that name) from your site. Obviously depending upon the effect, I will most likely order more after experimenting with the dosage.



Regarding colloidal silver (a little off your gallbladder topic; hope that's o.k.). This is something that I've always been very drawn to and have used sporadically over the years. However, I'm never quite sure about its use because I've heard from various sources that it should not be used for more than a two week period. And if that's the case and one uses it for two weeks how long before beginning again with it? Also, what is reason for not using it for more than two weeks?


Like antibiotics, colloidal silver destroys some friendly bacteria as well as the pathogenic organisms. Capping use at two weeks sounds simplistic. Everything depends on the quality of the product, how easily assimilated it is (particle size), how pure it is, and what the dosage is. There is an excellent article on colloidal silver reprinted on this site:



I have gallstones and I am planning on doing the flush. Have talked to a few people and I have two questions about what I have learned: (1) Is it possible to take 2-3 spoonfuls of olive oil at bedtime for consequtive nights and have success passing stones? (2) "Chanca piedra" was recommended to me to disolve gallstones. What do you know about this product?

I had a Gall Bladder attack in September shortly after I had my daughter. I started taking Stone Free to avoid surgery after having a surgeon tell me I needed to schedule surgery. I had an attack about a week ago and took teh pain medicine the docotr gave me. I want to try the Flush however I rearely have a weekend free. I am home during the week with my 4 month old. Is it somethng I can due during the week with my daughter at home with me? Also I read in some of the posts about using the Stone Free during an attack? Could you give me some more information? Also any suggestions for how I can change my diet or websites where I can get information?


I've never heard that one should not take colloidal silver for more than two weeks. That seems rather arbitrary.

Many people are not comfortable with colloidal silver. However, did you know that much of the soil on the North American continent has become demineralized due to soil erosion, runoff, and nitrate fertilization? Most people (and plants) have mineral deficiencies. That, coupled with the fact that many germs are antibiotic-resistant, makes this world a more dangerous place.

How often one uses colloidal silver really depends upon the individual's situation. After our baby was born in 1999, and when we enrolled him in day care, I suddenly found myself going into a "hot zone" environment everyday. Colloidal silver has given me an extra layer of resistance. I highly recommend it.

Good luck on the gall bladder flush. It really works.

Thanks all of you!

Somewhere on this board, I discuss my own use of Stone Free, 6 tablets every half hour when the attack is full force. One can taper off when the pain subsides.

As for the flush, the only reason for being at home is that frequent and sometimes fairly urgent elimination occurs. There are also those sentimental gemologists who want to keep their stones as souvenirs and this is obviously quite awkward in some places.

You do need to go to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep soundly. Some people have slow transit times and the drama occurs a day later than expected so keep that contingency in mind.

As for drinking a few teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice every night, I don't think it would work. If it did work, salad dressing would do the trick for many people. However, if you try it, let us know what happens.



I have had bouts of pain under my rib cage and excruciating feeling of pressure or gasiness which radiates into my back. This has occurred several times since the birth of my daughter 8 years ago. Whenever I have had these bouts, I have gone to the doctor who in turn sent me for ultrasounds and upper GIs. The tests have always been normal. Is it possible to have gall bladder problems that tests just don't pick up? Does a problem with a gall bladder affect your spleen? (That's the only thing that has ever shown up on the ultrasound - an enlarged spleen - but my doctor thinks it is enlarged from having severe mononucleosis when I was a teenager 20 years ago. Eating anything is causing me pain. I would like to try the Stone Free - is it available at health food stores (so I could get my hands on it tomorrow!)? Thanks so much.


I'm waiting for my Stone Free to arrive by mail, as I ordered it on Monday. However, I did pick up a bottom of Turmeric with Bromelain. Can this be used in high dosages? I really hate it when web sites say to only use under the care of a physician (although I fully understand CYA)...because I don't know of any physicians who believe in herbal remedies.


For Candi,

It sounds like an immune booster and something to promote digestion would be helpful. Stones should show up on ultrasounds.

When the body does not produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest food, some food is broken down by fermentation which throws off a gas that has indeterminate and variable symptoms, often very sharp pains that come and go or spasms that are annoying but not as painful.

Avoid food that is hard to digest. This includes anything prepared in a microwave oven, anything reheated, anything out of a box or can, and anything that is heavy and boring in taste.

See if this helps. The next step would be supplements.


Now, Michael!

This is like telling tales out of school, but here is the rule generally followed by herbal companies where labeling is concerned. They try to package the herbs so that the worst case scenario in the event that someone took all the tablets at once would be vomiting or diarrhea, i.e., not a dangerous overdose, but more than the body could assimilate.

The amount put on the label is usually pretty close to a Mickey Mouse dosage and the euphemism of "or as prescribed by your licensed health care professional" is a way of saying, "go ahead and take more but we are not responsible for the outcome."

I'm being a little too candid for my own good, but most herbalists would probably recommend much higher doses than are printed on the labels. This said, herbs are not all equal. There is no such thing as an overdose of turmeric. It's absolutely safe in simply unimaginable dosages, but bromelain may be another matter since it is an enzyme and too much may not really be a good idea. This is why I use the Turmeric Flavonoid. First, it's in a tablet and therefore doesn't make the capsule sticky and secondly, it's combined with ginger rather than an enzyme.

There are lots of doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and herbalists who work with herbs, but as Kenny Ausubel once said, he'd rather see an herbalist with 30 years of experience than a doctor who took a crash course.


Hi Ingrid
Thanks for answering my post (1/25 @4:30 p.m.). Would you kindly recommend something to promote digestion and to boost immunity? Thanks so much.


Thanks, Ingrid. Your candor is appreciated; I suspected that the packaging of herbal capsules was understandably conservative for that reason. I've read about all kinds of amazing cures using various remedies on message boards, and in nearly all cases the people who succeeded were those who tried higher doses.

Unfortunately, I cannot be quite so candid with my wife, who is a chemical engineer, quite traditional, and up until recently believed that herbal capsules were drugs (I explained the difference between synergestic naturals and synthetics). Of course, she is healthy and has never been in the position that I have. She knows all about my alternative remedies, but doesn't really believe in them. You might say we have agreed to disagree.

The Turmeric I bought is put out by Source Naturals, with Turmeric 350 mg, and Bromelain 50 mg. Basically I doubled the dosage, and experienced no adverse reaction.

My chiropractor is familiar with many alternative approaches to medicine, but I wouldn't necessarily call him an herbalist. I will continue to seek out an herbalist.

I received my two bottles of Stone Free on Friday. Really a remarkable product! The digestive system has improved dramatically and I'm feeling much better. There is still a feeling that something is not quite right, but that's not surprising since I was ignoring the discomfort for two years. Stone Free definitely made a difference, and I'm experimenting with dosage levels.

One more thing that I did not mention before: I had noticed lots of excess mucus in the past year or two. That coincided with the onset of the discomfort below the right rib cage. I never made any connection. Then, there were periods wherein I coughed up a little phlegm in the mornings. It did not appear to be bronchitus because it cleared up during the day. Then it became chronic since mid-December (still, in the mornings). After my first gall bladder flush, it suddenly stopped! That was no coincidence. Just recently I learned that the mucus/phlegm can be a symptom of gall bladder disfunction. It was in my case.

This entire experience explains a lot of things. Many of my herbal/alternative remedies were having less effect, and I believe the root cause was lack of absorption/digestion.

It's still a very toxic world that we live in, and I think we are all seeking new equilibriums. Doubtless there will be further modifications as we learn more. But I certainly will be adding "Stone Free" to my permanent list of "must have" natural medicines. Thanks!


Dear Candi and Michael,

I have decided to post a page on digestion, phlegm, and immunity in response to your questions. When uploaded, it will be found at:


I'll start now and depending on interruptions, you might see it in a few hours.


I have a question re:gall bladder removal. Mine came out last Monday. Because I hate the hospital and I seemed to be doing okay I was released the next afternoon. Although it is still very painful (it came out via laparoscopic surgery), I am doing fine. I am wondering about one thing: somewhere on your site you talk about problems a lot of gall bladder people have with fluid retention. I seem to be one of them. Wake up looking at my own cheeks regularly and did so the first morning after returning from the hospital. Today the same. I am wondering whether you can tell me anything food wise or natural medicine wise, I could do or not do to improve the way my body handles fluids?


I just discovered your site and have read all the entries on the Gall Bladder flush board. Some of the things I have read have really got me intrigued.

First some background to my problem. I have had high cholesterol for years. I refuse to take the prescription medications, as I believe they are deadly.

Over the years, I have tried different things (garlic, gugulipid, niacin, red wine, pomegranate juice) along with some dietary changes to help lower my cholesterol, but with no effect. During the last 6 months I have become quite aggressive in doing what I can about my cholesterol count (340 in September, 292 in November, and 287 in January). I was quite faithful to my regimen after September. I know that the pomegranate juice did a lot of good because prior to taking it my left leg would go numb when I stood (or laid flat on my stomach) and it doesn't any more. I was quite shocked in January that my cholesterol was not a lot lower as I was measuring my progress with my leg numbness, which was gone during standing (and didn't appear until after about 10 minutes when lying down). Also, my triglicerides had doubled (up to 402).

Reading up on all this, I discovered that refined carbohydrates cause triglicerides to go up. From a relative, I also discovered that I need to take fiber. So I started taking psyllum capsules and grapefruit pectin powder -- which takes us to the point of this missive.

Even though I drink a lot of water normally, I guess I didn't drink enough for all the fiber I was now taking. Last Thursday night I awoke with extraordinary pain in my lower abdomen. I could not even roll over. The process of sitting up was almost an impossibility. To not get into too many details, I had an enema and used a laxative (not fiber!) and a stool softener. After awhile, I was able to eliminate most of the contents of my bowel, but the pain had not completely abated by Monday morning. This concerned me. I did go to the doctor and he scheduled a sonogram, which I had this morning. I do have gallstones. The radiologists said she saw about 10-15 with one about ½ inch in diameter. I know my doctor is going to recommend removal of my gall bladder, and I am going to resist.

After reading all the entries on this board, I find that I do not have any symptoms that are mentioned by the writers. Mine are more consistent with a bowel blockage. However, nothing happens by chance; so I believe this problem of mine led me to the knowledge that, even though they are not the reason for my abdominal pain, I do have gallstones.

I plan on trying the gall bladder flush. (Reminds me of taking castor oil as a child. Mother always gave it to us in the bathroom so we would be close to a receptacle if - when - we threw up.) Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Now for my questions. The product Stone Free is mentioned quite frequently in the entries. I have read other information on your site and understand that one should take it prior to the flush, but I am still not sure what the product does. Would you please give me a little more information about the product in relation to the flush.

Another entry mentions phlegm. I have been suffering from problems with phlegm for the past several years. So much so that I have been diagnosed as asthmatic. (Another diagnosis I wonder about.) I am looking forward to your new board.

Also, I read something about fingernails in one of the emails. Is there any relation to fingernails and gallstones? Over approximately the last year my nails have become flattened - not rounded as they used to be. Do you have any idea what this could mean?

Please keep up the good work. I feel I am quite lucky finding your site.

Oh, if Richard in Dallas finds a good doctor/herbalist I wish he would let me know. I live in Fort Worth.


I did post some material on digestion that answers some of the questions in these latest posts. Basically, it's easy to understand if we regard stones, phlegm, cholesterol, and so forth as unmetabolized food. Think of metabolism in the same way one does a carburetor. You need the right fuel mixture to burn clean. If your fuel is an inferior type (doesn't burn well) or your settings are off, the fuel won't burn clean.

Likewise, digestion is a process of fiery conversion of food to nutrients. The waste products are separated out and eliminated, but usually when digestion is slow, elimination is also.

If you want to speed up metabolism, you can consider a diet (fuel choice) that is easier to metabolize or supplements that aid the transformation of food.

Because gallstones are a complication of diet and metabolism, removing the gallbladder doesn't fix the problem. It simply does away with one of the many storage depots. Therefore, regardless of whether one keeps or disposes of the gallbladder, one wants to adjust the metabolism through diet and supplements.

I hope this makes sense.



On fluids:

One would expect a certain amount of fluid retention after surgery and trauma. The adrenals would be tired and the kidneys might not be as efficient. In this instance, I would strengthen the adrenals rather than stimulate the kidneys, but it's a judgment call.



Thank you for your reply. My doctor's office called today to schedule me with a surgeon. I put them off. I am going to another doctor on Monday and discuss the flush with him. I need to do the flush as soon as possible -- plan is for next Friday. I will do the apple juice for three days. Are you allowed to drink water also, or just apple juice? Can you also suck on a lemon in addition to the lemon juice? Or is the amount of juice to oil a proportional thing?

I have no means to make apple juice nor the time to receive any by mail, so is any unfiltered apple juice from a health food store acceptable? Like Knudson's?

Thank you again for all your information and for taking the time to share it. I read the site on phlegm. Is a lot of this covered in the cassettes
"Kitchen Doctor"? It is truly good of you to not only share your knowledge, but your time in answering questions. I've come to the conclusion that one has to be one's own doctor as most of them are not really knowledgeable about anything preventative.

Thanks again.



Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, you should be able to use any unfiltered apple juice.

The audio cassettes cover an amazing amount of material, six hours!


Ingrid, thanks for your reply.

Question: how do I strengthen the adrenals, foodwise or otherwise??


Ingrid, thanks for posting the information about digestion.

I related my "gall bladder flush" story to my chiropractor last week, and he noted that other patients of his had similar success. He also related a rather peculiar kidney stone flush -- drinking a very large bottle of Classic Coke within an hour followed by a dish of asparigus. Obviously this is not my focus at present time, and I have no kidney problems, but thought this very interesting. He had tried it himself and was totally convinced.

Last week my wife and I both came down with a respiratory flu-like bug. I was freaking out a bit because here comes the phlegm again (which had disappeared after the gall bladder flush). Since my wife suffered the same; I was convinced that I was on the right track and merely suffering a virus. Nevertheless, being sick convinced me of the danger of not operating on all cylinders (and how quickly borderline might turn into a serious situation). Sure we can "get by" for awhile, but sooner or later things catch up. In the days following, I chopped my diet in half, drank lots of liquids (abstained from alcohol), rested, took "Stone Free," ingested colloidal silver, and generally decided this was my time to purge myself of pathogens and toxins. At night I was drenched in sweat. I felt lots of heat coming out. Today I feel great, better than I've felt in many years. Still some mild discomfort below the rib cage, but it is gradually going away.

I say all of this merely to suggest that each case is different. Although the gall bladder flush produced apparent and miraculous results, I believe that there are a variety of yin/yang and spiritual problems involved. The body has an enormous ability to rejuvenate itself if we will allow it. In my case I am prone to recreating conditions which brought on the excess heat in the first place. This may sound strange, but my love affair with food and drink stems from the fact that I tend to have surrealistic dreams and visions during the night, and it sometimes scares me. But I have no excuse today in that I've studied the eastern way, and have a greater understanding of what it is I'm seeing, and have been seeing, since I was a child. It is simply an inherent tendency to slip easily into an altered state of consciousness during the night while waking up, if that makes sense.

In summary, my health is improving day by day. Naturally I am not so deluded as to think I am capable of a monastic lifestyle. Nonetheless, I am intent upon getting "better gas mileage." The last several nights have been very restful, and the colorful dreams have been far more enjoyable than watching TV. Sometimes when I've woken up I can hardly wait to go back to sleep to resume dreamtime. Yes, I realize this doesn't appear to be related to the gall bladder or digestion, but I think it does!

Thanks again for the great work you do. You never know what will happen when you throw a few pearls (or in this case, gall stones) to the wind...


First, Nicky,

I have been unable to get Recovery for several weeks. I have therefore begun looking for alternative products with a good track record. In the meantime, read the article on this site about adrenal exhaustion:


Now, Michael!

First, for the flu, there is a marvelous Chinese product call Yin Chiao that we do sell even though it has yet to be introduced into the text on this site. It consists mainly of forsythia and it works wonders.

A friend is doing her second gallbladder flush in less than a month. She is taking the coke, ironically, because it was discussed in an article by someone quite famous who referred to the very same person, Dr. Nathalie Tucker, who first introduced me to the flush. The coke is to reduce queasiness. I doubt it has any other medicinal usefulness. I don't know if ginger would be acceptable. If so, I would prefer it.

I learned a long time ago that whatever people experience, that is their experience and however different it is from what others do the same thing experience, it is part of picture for the one seeing that picture. Some people report improved memory, better vision and acuity, and all sorts of others things, but more vivid dreaming is a new one: put the technicolor back in your dreams? To the extent that vision, color, light, fire, inspiration, guidance, and the eyes are inseparable from liver function, I totally believe you have presented a new dimension to this fascinating process. If in your seeing, more emerges that you wish to share, by all means do so. Speaking strictly for myself, I am totally open to new perspectives on gallstones and surrendering of gallstones and whatever else may unfold.


Wow...talk about food for thought (pun intended.)

I visited my new Dr today who basically suggested I have a sonogram and that if I do have Stones, which she believes, my choices are to; alter my diet, live with the pain or have surgery. Both my parents and one brother have had their Gall Bladder removed. I'm interested in the Stone Free but am concerned that there may be a reaction with the blood pressure medication I'm taking (Diazide, cardizem, and Lotensin.) Are you aware of other Stone Free converts who were on a regimin of Blood Pressure medication?


Dyazide has two active ingredients. Thiazide is a diuretic that causes loss of potassium (and magnesium.) The magnesium loss could actually be contributing to the loss of elasticity that is needed to pass stones. The potassium loss is actually a more serious consideration with respect to surgery than herbs. These mineral deficiencies can be corrected by eating more fruit. The main thing to avoid herbally is redundancy, i.e., more diuretics, such as dandelion, which is, in fact, an ingredient in Stone Free.

Triamterene is the other main ingredient of Dyazide. It is added to prevent potassium loss and the main contraindications are the same: avoid herbs that increase the removal of fluids from the body.

Cardizem is a calcium channel blocker and Lotensin is used with Dyazide to reduce some side effects and promote better blood circulation.

Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Lotensin.

Read this on Lotensin from healthsquare.com:

More common side effects may include:
Cough, dizziness, fatigue, headache, high potassium levels (dry mouth, excessive thirst, weak or irregular heartbeat, muscle pain or cramps), nausea

If you develop swelling of your face, around the lips, tongue, or throat; swelling of arms and legs; sore throat, fever, and chills; or difficulty swallowing, you should contact your doctor immediately. You may need emergency treatment.

Less common or rare side effects may include:
Allergic reactions, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, blisters, bronchitis, chest pain, constipation, dark tarry stool containing blood, decreased sex drive, difficulty sleeping, dizziness when standing, fainting, fluid retention, flushing, impotence, infection, inflammation or peeling of the skin, inflammation of the stomach or pancreas, itching, joint pain, low blood pressure, muscle pain, nervousness, pounding heartbeat, rash, sensitivity to light, shortness of breath, sinus inflammation, sweating, swelling of arms, legs, face, tingling or pins and needles, urinary infections, vomiting, weakness

So, you are taking drugs to manage the effects of other drugs. This is all a nightmare for an herbalist. I don't know what to suggest; the ball would seem to be in your court.

Were it me, I'd get off all the drugs, but not cold turkey. For instance, with all these drugs, is it safe to eat an enchilada? what about a curry soup? Who knows?

You see, everything is energetic. Spices increase circulation, especially cayenne. Garlic is a terrific blood pressure regulator, but you can't increase your intake of garlic and take medicine.

In general, I would say that the amount of dandelion in Stone Free is nothing to be concerned about, but where you take a drug to control another drug, everything becomes an issue of milligrams.

Let us know what you decide to do, and good luck.


Ingrid, thanks for the recommendation on Yin Chiao...I had heard about it before in another catalog that I order Fargelin from.

Yes, coke does have a relaxing effect...(er, the soft drink I mean!)

I continue to have technicolor dreams successively. Very interesting, since they had been on the wane for 2 years. I'll continue to report progress. I'm still using Stone Free, everything is fine.

Another thing that has helped immensely is the practice of Zen Buddhism, specifically consciously locating my focus in the hara (below the belly-button). This is the true center of gravity, as all yoga practitioners well know. My sole interest is merely to maintain focus throughout the day. In doing so, I am noticed even more improvement and more lessening of any discomfort below the right rib cage. It occurs to me that any physical problem must also have an analog in the spiritual body. In concentrating upon maintaining the center of gravity, one's focus is removed from stress and anger, which I believe is often an interrelated problem with liver-gall bladder distress. I do not believe one should ignore physical symptoms (unless one is an advanced adept or shaman) but I do believe it is at least as important to focus upon this in the rejuventation process. It can do no harm. Just more food for thought, so to speak...


Dear Ingrid

I was diagnosed with gallstones a few months ago. after suffering alot of pain the right side of my abdomen during pregnancy i under went various test. These were all to no avail. Then in august 2001 i went back to my doctor who suggested i may have gall stones. I underwent a ultrasound scan and this was confirmed. Unlike most peoples doctors mine did not suggest surgery, he suggested that i live with it if i can. I can live with it but not the pains that i get. I get the burning sensation in my right side, but every few months i get something that i cant find on here. That is my stomach swells out (makes me look pregnant) and becomes very painful so painful in fact that it cannot even be touched. This could last anywhere between 1 to 5 hours. I cannot eat eggs or certain fatty foods as this will cause the excuriating pain. I just wondered is the pain of my stomach (which is over the whole area not just right side) associated with gall stones or could that be something else. I am lucky that i dont suffer this pain regularly. I have taken the option to go on a low if not virtually fat free diet, but i would love to get ris of the stones if i could. I am a bit worried about trying the live/gallbladder flush.
Could you please help me in what to do for the best.

kind regards



Sorry to hear about this. Basically, what people need to realize is that the body produces the chemicals needed to digest food. This means that there is saliva to moisten food, hydrochloric acid in the stomach to mix with the food and churn it, enzymes, bile, and a host of other delicate substances such as insulin and various other factors that break down food, make it assimilable, transport it to the tissues where the nutrients are required, and eliminate what is waste.

Not everyone produces enough digestive juices. Salivation begins with excitement, first aroma and then taste. If food is bland or appropriate amounts of time are not devoted to the pleasure of eating, food will not be chewed into the nice enzymatic mash needed in the stomach. If the proper messages are not sent to the body that something savory is on its way, the body may not produce enough gastric secretions. In these cases, food is not technically digested. It is broken down by fermentation rather than digestion and this causes abdominal rumbling, distention, and sometimes pain.

Some people simply can't produce enough digestive juices. These people need to supplement with tablets that help the body assimilate the nutrients needed to maintain the body. Other people are not choosing food that they can digest. Some are running on so much adrenaline that they are inhibiting the production of digestive secretions.

In this day of convenience foods and microwave ovens, everyone needs to realize that 90%+ of everything out there is not really a food but some kind of commercial product that is not wholesome. We really can't grow food with poisons and expect them to be nutritious. We probably can't genetically modify food and hope to improve upon Nature. More importantly, we can't load up our bodies with synthetic hormones and carbohydrates and hope to run smoothly.

The estrogenic effect of plastics, hormones used in the dairy and meat industries to bulk up animals, and the excess intake of sugar greatly impairs the delicate fire-water balance needed to maintain perfect metabolism.

Avoiding impossible to digest foods is the number one step to health. When going through a cycle of poor digestion with the abdominal pains you have described, try eating more sour berries. You will find them very easy to digest and energizing. Avoid all dairy products, especially those with bovine growth hormone and genetically modified components, and focus on fruit and vegetables (not at the same time) because they are easier to digest and less apt to become metabolic residuals.

I hope this rather lengthy response helps.



response helped very much thankyou. I would appreciate it if you could give me some more info on the live/gallbladder flush. I:e is it safe? what do i need to do it? what should i do to prepare? how is it done? what sort of results can i expect?

many thanks



Did you read the two pages on gallbladder on this site? It's all explained there as well as within the two discussion topics on this board.



This conversation is long so it is being continued on a new page



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