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Continuation of Oral Chelation.

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Ingrid (Admin)
Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2001 - 12:04 pm:   

There are already a lot of posts to this discussion, and I welcome more. However, I might make a suggestion that everyone try to keep in mind how varied the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are. If the poisoning can be linked to conditions as diverse as neurologic impairment to certain cancers, the symptoms of mercury mobilization and removal should also vary enormously from one person to another.

As a practitioner, I am always a bit triggered by a few matters that I might as well state:

1. Patients who are still contending with issues who offer what would seem to be advice to others. It is always better until one knows the outcome before passing on "information." Remember the road to you know where. . .

2. Patients who do a lot of study but cannot decide what to believe so instead of implementing one reasonable program, they mix and match or switch to something else after a cursory try. It is much better to do the reading before choosing and then to stick with the program that had the most appeal. In the case of mercury chelation, this is particularly good advice because the wits are not always reliable when the mercury is dislodged so the research is more sound before the condition is stirred up.

3. Patients who have what would appear to be extreme reactions but when queried are found to have modified the recommended protocol, for example, persons who have decided not to take any supplements to support liver and kidney function but who are moving mercury around anyway . . . out of the belief that they are doing something healthy and perhaps even necessary . . . and out of the mistaken belief that there are perhaps short cuts.

Be thee warned! Chelation of toxic metals is normally a medically supervised procedure. My experience, however, is that very few dentists recognize the need for the procedure. Even those who do often provide the chelating substances but little, if any, extra support. Therefore, many people may want to take matters into their own hands. This is laudable IF you know what you are doing and how to do.
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Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2001 - 12:09 pm:   

I have referred the question on how much cilantro is required to produce a drop of our liquid product to our laboratory. I am certain it is a fairly significant amount, but more importantly, I would imagine that the assimilation and hence the mobilization power is much greater in a liquid. This said, eating a pesto may taper the process to a more manageable rate of detoxification.
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Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2001 - 07:49 pm:   

One thing is very noticeable and have waited a few days before mentioning it. My hands are warmer. This isn't my imagination. I take synthroid for a thyroid treated with radioiodine in 1991, but this is really interesting, because the mercury is supposed to cause cold hands and feet. Will keep monitoring it and report again. Feet seem a little warmer, too.
The holistic dentist I saw said they do DMSA 3 days and then 11 days off. I noticed the cilantro seemed to have a continuing effect even after I stopped taking any. The 20 drops over two days was very potent. Next time will count the days. I too, even this many days afterward felt a kind of continual "spewing" from my brain. Today, feel better.
I would like to respectfully ask how one can know when the metals are just circulating and when they are actually going out? From what I've read, it seems the cilantro causes it to be excreted in the urine, and that chlorella causes it to be extreted in the stool.
Another interesting question is, if it took the present mercury load over 50 years to build up, how long will it take to get rid of it. Of course, with the chelating a lot more must come out in a day than went in from vaporizing in a day.
This warm hands thing is amazing. I don't quite believe it.
Is the Cleavers tea good for support? It sounds appealing.
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Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2001 - 02:16 pm:   

I wrote a long response to this and my computer crashed!! Grrh!

Maybe it means that you should continue reading and investigating the way you have been doing and I should limit my comments to the pages and pages that have already been posted?

The abbreviated version of what I wrote is to say that if you have a need to know how much mercury you are eliminated, you have to submit samples to a laboratory equipped to test for mercury.

One owner of a laboratory wrote me that he can detect mercury on a gauze pressed between the teeth. In short, there is a detectably different amount of mercury on such a gauze as compared to gauze freshly removed from its packaging.

This is sobering?
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Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2001 - 11:46 am:   

About 10 days after last cilantro am feeling more like old self again, though actually with less brain fog. Dreamed last night of preparing a big mug of cilantro with slight feelings of trepidation. If there's any word on how much cilantro is in each drop of extract, it will help in deciding how much to take. Will probably start again with perhaps 2 to 5 drops.
Ingrid, how much do you take? One of the coordinators with the DAMS group (www.amalgam.org) told me that fresh vegetable juices like carrot also help chelate the metals.
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Posted on Monday, April 23, 2001 - 11:39 am:   

We are guessing that there is the equivalent of 1.63 leaves in each drop of cilantro, but the question did not feel relevant to either the owner of the lab where the product is made nor me.

In fact, I got a reaction I did not expect. He went to the Internet himself and found that some people recommend rubbing the cilantro between the wrists instead of ingesting it.

I am not repeating this as a proposal because I think you can more or less find someone who will say anything, but he obviously felt that too many questions and too many answers merely leads to more questions and fewer answers.
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Posted on Friday, May 04, 2001 - 11:28 am:   

Ingrid, just got the results of a hair analysis (if you'd like, will mention the name of the laboratory in Canada), and got a surprise. Some ratios were off, like zinc/copper and some elements, but in the toxic metals all were in the normal range except lead which was up in the critical red area! I don't know if it reflects total body lead accumulated or just recent lead, but it may explain some of the symptoms, like aching bones that had after taking cilantro. Would like to have gray hair done to see if mercury is higher in the gray - doesn't mercury store more in the soft tissues? If lead stores in the bones, then maybe it would show up in nails, hair, and maybe teeth.
Took 4 drops of cilantro yesterday and 4 today - then about 8 days off.
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Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2001 - 09:04 am:   

Ingrid, I just want to say that that your cilantro extract is absolutely the best available. Someone gave me another cilantro extract but it didn't compare. Yesterday and the day before I took a total of 16 drops, and the day before yesterday also had three amalgams removed from the upper left. I only have one left, no. 29 on the lower right, to come out next Wednesday.
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Posted on Friday, May 18, 2001 - 01:03 am:   

I'm very glad you are tackling this. It should be easier to deal with this process now that the sources are also being removed!
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Posted on Monday, May 21, 2001 - 01:24 pm:   

When that last amalgam is out, it will be the first time in 54 years that have been without a "mercury implant". Felt great for a few days last week, then began to feel irritable and had some other symptoms - tomorrow is the 7th day. It is interesting about the 7,14,21 day immune system cycles. Am girding up for a period of feeling weird or whatever else comes when the last one is out. Ingrid, did you ever want to get them all out?
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Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2001 - 10:32 pm:   

Yes, I'm thinking about it. I have broken a tooth and part of an amalgam came off with the chip . . . which always prompts me to go the next step, but I'm not as sensitive to the poisoning as you are.

I'm doing the parasite cleanse now because I firmly believe that toxic metals keep the parasite population in check to an extent. We don't know to what extent because we are in such denial around parasites. We know without a shadow of doubt that candida albicans is worse following mercury chelation.

I have know for years that a parasite cleanse was overdue and am tackling it now, in the name of becoming more familiar with the different options offered on this site.

I did the Banyan products last year and am doing another brand now. I'm into the second week. All the symptoms were the first few hours (started before bedtime and didn't fall asleep right away -- maybe imagination?)

Anyway, this one is completely tolerable (so is the Banyan protocol.) My dogs hated it, I think because of the smell of the alcohol. Anyway, I am planning on doing this for another month, and then I'll think about the amalgams.

I appreciate your sharing and also your determined efforts to query me!
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Posted on Saturday, May 26, 2001 - 09:14 am:   

Ingrid, here goes! Wednesday had the last amalgam taken out. Feel released (will comment more on what happens at a later time...will be interesting to see if swollen tongue with teeth indentations in the sides and recent warts and finger infections go away), but know am in for some unpleasant symptoms - last night had terrific lower back pain, both sides....kidneys? Can your kidney support tablets be made into tea? Am having dreams of incredible messes in houses that I have to clean up. Along with back pain had half-awake vivid mental picture of a train station with tons of boards and things waiting to be put aboard. In half-awake state last night saw a vivid blue bird go flying past (in mind's eye).
The day after the amalgam was removed, had three spontaneous bowel movements, the first even before coffee! It has taken years to overcome constipation - with change of diet, etc. to where can have one good movement a day after my daily allotment of three swallows of coffee in the AM.
Have had some foul smelling gas.
Have been taking more of the beneficial bacteria for small intestines, large intestines, and the transient yogurt bacteria. Enough for now.

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Posted on Saturday, May 26, 2001 - 06:50 pm:   

I'm not a dream interpreter, but let's assume the house is your body? The train is used to cart off stuff you are shipping out?

You can dissolve any tablet into a tea. It would probably improve assimilation but not be delicious. Some of the reason for putting things in tablets is to hide their taste.
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Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - 09:42 am:   

Hello, it's been several weeks since the last filling was taken out. One thing I've noticed is that I can sleep better - longer in the morning sometimes. A bump on my tongue is getting smaller and doesn't hurt anymore. However, tongue still seems enlarged and shows imprint of teeth on sides - will be interesting to see if it gets smaller. On one day took 15 drops of cilntro and on most days am taking Sun Chlorella. Want to be cautious about mentioning changes because it's going to be a long haul to get everything out.

Do you know much about hair analysis? Mine showed elevated lead, but my daughter's showed huge amounts of lead (off the chart) and large amounts of cadmium and aluminum. She is wearing her stainless retainer instead of the plastic one we got. The cadmium I'd assume is from the two years of braces. (nickel and cadmium in stainless steel). Unless she got the lead from me before birth, I don't know where it's coming from It was a 3 year old hair sample - she agreed to a more recent one, so it will be interesting.
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Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - 09:24 am:   

Hair analysis is so controversial that I prefer to stay out of this discussion. I belong to a list for health care professionals and it would seem that variations between labs are so signficant that it always comes back to the reliability of the lab. Normally, one uses hair from the nape of the neck that is assumed to represent the most recent six months of hair growth.

Lead can come from car exhaust (before the days of unleaded or in foreign countries), paint, pottery, you name it. Knowing you, you are moments away from your newest gold mine of information.
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Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2001 - 10:51 am:   

Ingrid, it's true - I love to ferret things out and love to read mystery stories. I'd like to find an expert on what the levels of toxic metals mean - don't see how a 2 pound baby could have enough lead to then show up in the hair 14 years later, though she must have gotten some from me. Could be cans, but don't think they have lead in them anymore - have emailed a few soup companies. Progresso hasn't responded. Maybe they do use lead.
Six-seven weeks after last amalgam removal am not feeling too great - it's as if a prop has been removed - body must have been so used to having constant input of mercury that it doesn't know what to do now. I've been sleeping in the mornings, sometimes til after 9!! Have never done that in adult life and was always up at 5:30 or six. Feel slower and don't really want coffee but drink my few swallows anyway. Lump on tongue is disappearing and doesn't hurt anymore.
This really needs some time. I'd read in Hal Huggins book (Uninformed Consent) that the supplements that worked before removal might not work afterward, because detoxification is sped up, but seem to need more vitamin C. Must give this some time until body adjusts. That one small incisor may be a bad tooth (recent root canal) and may be contributing.
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Posted on Friday, August 10, 2001 - 04:57 pm:   

I can't believe I found this home page! I recently went to a Dr. here in Dallas (Dr. Rudy Rivera)and he thinks I have all the symptoms of Mercury poisoning. 6 mos. ago I dragged myself to the emergency room thinking I had a bladder infection but after the test the Dr. said, "no, you just need to exercise take your vitamins and lose that last 15 lbs. from your pregnancy." I looked at him and thought I've never been so tired in my life! I said, "I don't think you get it I can barly pick up my little girl much less exercise." So, I suggested a thyroid test. Well, guess what, my TSH was at >150 (the expected range is 0.3-5.1). I started taking Unithroid right away and starting feeling 110% better. Went in 2 mos. later for routine test and my TSH was 4.0. However, retested just recently and my TSH was 7.0 the Dr. said, lets increase your medicine from 100 mg. to 1.25 mg. That's when I got on the internet and started researching to find out anything and everything about what could be the root cause of my thyroid shutting down. Found Dr. Rivera and he suggested doing a Thyroid Antibody test and a hair analysis which will tell us if I have Mecury in my system. I freaked out! For the first time someone is giving me a real answer instead of just saying "there is no reason for it your thyroid just shut down, so you will have to be on meds the rest of your life!" I have had 12 fillings drilled out and replaced in the last 5 yrs. The dentists did not use mouth dams or oxygen. So, I think I have mecury flowing throughout my body pretty lethally and has done some damage to my immune system. I won't get the hair test back for another 8 days the blood work should be back by next Friday. Ironically, while I was pregnant my little girl stopped growing inside of me at 32 weeks and my Dr. had to take her at 37 weeks. We didn't know why but 6 mos. later found out my thyroid had shut down. When she was born they found that my placenta was mush and my cord was the size a a pencil (should be about 2 in. in diamater). I've been looking for answers since she was born which was over a year ago and now I feel like I'm getting some real answers! I'm concerned that she has Mercury poisoning b/c I nursed her for about a year. She was tested at 2 weeks at her PKU testing but hasn't been tested since. We want to have another baby but can't even think about it until this stuff is all out of my system. Dr. Rivera uses the DMPS pills, IV, and bag for chelation. I think I want to learn more about the cilantro drops before using the pill method. Will keep you posted about the test results....
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Posted on Sunday, August 12, 2001 - 10:54 pm:   

Please do keep us posted. It would probably be safe to use one drop of cilantro in your baby's formula. Since she has no fillings, you would simply be mobilizing what might have been transferred to her. Just be use to use the Epsom salt baths and chlorella also.

A propos this, I would like to reiterate how sensitive some people are to mercury. About a year ago, a dentist borrowed stain {paint) from me because he had an environmentally sensitive patient coming and he needed to seal things like the inside of cabinets, most of which were particle board.

A couple of weeks ago, another dentist phoned me. He said that every two years, he strips out all drywall and carpeting because these have become repositories of mercury vapor. He redoes his office this way for the safety of his patients.

And just today, I gave a seminar for a number of MDs from Asia. One had cancer, had had surgery and a number of other treatments. I suggested dental infection as the cause. He seemed incredulous, but we ran a scan using a piece of equipment from Switzerland. He tested positive for only two things: mercury "silver" and a gas that comes out of composite fillings. He was stunned.

If only we understood!
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Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2001 - 01:22 pm:   

Thanks, for the info! I'm ordering the cilantro drops today as well as the supporting supplements. I already have some cholrella but it is in capsule form. Are you saying I should give that to my little one as well, and if so how? Does it come in liquid form? I assume the Epsom salt baths are okay for the baby?

I got back the Thyroid antibodies test yesterday and it was positive. My thyroid is being attacked by antibodies which causes my thryoid to quite working. I won't know about the Mercury posioning test results until Friday. But Dr. Rivera told me to go ahead with the cilantro drops but that it would take a long time for it to push the mercury out of my system. He said, if it is posioning and depending on how much is in my system that the DMPS pills would push it out w/in two weeks....however, since it is a drug I'm somewhat reluctant but feel I need to get this out of my system ASAP....
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Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2001 - 02:21 am:   

I am assured that depending on the tolerance for mercury once it is mobilized that it is possible to complete the oral chelation within three weeks. This sounds very fast to me but dentists who use our products tell me this. I would be inclined to keep it up longer.

Epsom salts are a bit drying. You might just pay attention to your baby's skin.

I don't know of chlorella in liquid form. The tablets are very tiny and probably easy enough to break into bits.
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sherry oglesby
Posted on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 09:56 pm:   

I am told i have enough mercury in my system to poision a 5 acre lake
I have had on iv chelation, and I have used some DMSA.
I am wonderig how much cilantro should be used and over how much time.
I really want this out of my system as I have many many problems from it.
I have started feeling some better but dare not to hope.
I wonder if anyone could help.
How muchcilantron and how long should I take it and howwould you support the kidneys and liver
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Posted on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 10:32 pm:   

As you can see from the previous posts, this is very individualistic and varies not only from individual to individual but from day to day. The safest approach is the slow one, using lots of chlorella along with the Ayurveda formulas for kidneys and liver (on the web site and in the store.)
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Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - 02:13 pm:   

Dear Ingrid,

I have had all of my amalgams removed form my mouth (16) because I felt I was severly effectd by them(brain function greatly diminished and horible GI tract problems. I am doing all of the cilantro chelation w/ all supplements as you specify.

2 questions:
1) I have taken 20, 25 an 30 drops respectively for the past three days (my first 3 days on the program) I feel nothing. No aparent side effects or hardships. I do have a high tolerance for many things but is this normal? Should I up the dosages? (I am taking all other suggested supplements as well)

2) your talk about composite fillings (which 12 of my teeth now have - the others are porcelain) truly frightens me. My composties are not at all sensative to hot or cold- so that isn't a problem. BUT the estrogen talk is what I am worried about. Forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what too much estrogen can do to me (35 y.o. female) And really how much estrogen are we talking about. (you mentioned how much is in each tooth -I think- but how much would one be putting into their system concievably? I am not up on any medical dosages so it would be helpful if you gave your answer in relative terms for example: One would get about 1/10th of the dose of one estrogen replacement therapy treatment on a daily basis...or whatever.)
You said you gained wait- how much and is there a way to counter this (obviously increase diet and excersize...) Is this a permanant problem for you? Even tho you seem to think you keep telling us the symptoms (of your situation) I still would love it if you were a bit more specific. I don't have any idea what the symptoms of estrogen treatment are! Please treat me like a person from another planet- explain explain!

In general since getting my amalgams out I have felt depressed and have gained a few pounds - but this may be seasonal(?) With my amalgams- the one an only good thing was that I could eat anything and stayed very thin (which is simply how I am happiest...I really don't want to have to watch my weight for the rest of my life!)

Thank you so much.
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Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2002 - 11:17 pm:   


I'll tackle your questions over the weekend. Meanwhile, it would appear safe to increase your dosage of cilantro, but you may suddenly find that there are symptoms so nothing for a few days is great but not necessarily prophetic in terms of what the future may hold. Nevertheless, we can hope for a continuation of the ease.

Happy Easter!
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arthur luckower
Posted on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 04:14 pm:   

ingrid: we talked last year and had a consulkt scheduled but you became ill right at that time.
i have been doing my own research into mercury, diet, endocrine function, mineral absorption. i am still wrestling with chronic fatigue. but here is what makes sense to me. i had my amalgams taken out about 7 years ago, with slow and steady progress in my health. this may sound incredible, but i have passed hundreds HUNDREDS of pounds of gunk from my intestines over the past few years. i weigh about 220 now. i look like i am solid muscle. when this started i weighed about 160. some very strange things are happening. alogn with the intestinal gunk, i have passed more worms than i would like to admit. and it never seems to end. probably this goes back prenatally. my diet is mostly paleo. low carb. meats, veggies juices and fats and fruit. last year i switched to mainly raw foods, including meats and fish. this has SPED upt he release of worms and intestinal impaction-- so there goes everyone's theory of raw meat causing worms. i have been getting guidance from a man aajonus vonderplanitz who is a proponent of raw foods. especially meats and fats. i have also started chelating mercury according to andy cutler's protocol using alpha lipoic acid every three hours. in an iridology reading massive amlunts of mercury were found-- too much to have been caused by fillings. i do notice dramatic changes while i am chelating. my nervous system calms down. nothing has ever done this for me, so i will assume that mercury is a big piece of my illness. i have heard of dangers of using cilantro-that it can put mercury back in the brain as well as remove it. there is alot f controversy in chelation. myh concentration took a turn for the worse about 9 months ago, and i have a hard time learning anything new. i am mixing and matching things, because i dont feel that any one thing has done it for me. my adrenal glands do feel stronger now after chelating and doing the raw diet. i am still very tired, but i can handle stress for the first time in a decade. the tricky part of all this is reversing a process that has been in motion for many years. congested liver, impacted intestines, mercury poisoning, lung problems... and the cleansing interactions between all of these. this is indeed rocket science. my main focus is still on energy. meditations reveal that i need minerals to be absorbed, adrenal/thyroid function restored, and more oxygen. the raw diet works. but i feel it is not the most elegant solution. it is hard to stomach alot of raw meat. so i do the best i can with it. but for some reason it does bypass the damage caused by mercury and allow food to be absorbed, and it also cleans you out very aggressively. the healing crises on it are rather horrendous though, so i am looking for ways to reduce this.

open to any ideas
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Posted on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 09:25 pm:   


I don't know what to say. First though, my mold issue was resolved and I'm fine. I tried many things before I found something that worked; and like everyone else, I found that one size does not fit all, but once you find what works, stick with it. It resolved in less than 24 hours once I started using ozone.

I met Aajonus at the Cancer Control Society where we were both speakers. We actually sat next to each other at the physician's seminar after the conference. I have basically almost no comments to make on his diet. It's just foreign to me. You say it nicely, not as elegant as one might wish. For me, the aversion is extreme. First, I'm a vegetarian and never push meat or fish on anyone so we are at such philosophical loggerheads that there is nothing to discuss. If his facts are correct, then what he is promoting would appear to work for some people, but it's just not my gig and there are lots of things out there that work.

If you are a subscriber to the e-list, then you got a message a few days ago about mercury in fish and omega fish oils. So, one can reinfect oneself. As for the cilantro, what I have warned people is that it mobilizes mercury and it must be used in conjunction with chlorella. I feel so strongly about this that I am considering refusing to sell the cilantro without the chlorella or making the cilantro available through practitioners. I know people want to be in charge of their own healing, but they need to know what they are doing.

Then, though I have been hesitant to say this, not everything sold as chlorella passes the assay test. One researcher sent 14 brands for testing and only one was actually chlorella. It is scary out there so be careful!

I have no idea about some of the issues you brought up. Since there are a lot of different kinds of parasites, I have no doubt that some stimulate evacuation whereas others may find permanent residence inside the body. Therefore, the only real proof that the condition is fully resolved would be if ALL creatures were eliminated. I do not know if any tests are so good that anyone could know this for a certainty.

All this said, I only offer what I have to offer, and it's entirely vegetarian. Even the enzymes are intended for use by vegetarians rather than carnivores so this is what I have and while I do not say that one diet is necessarily better for the health than another, I feel that the herbs are philosophically comfortable to where I'm coming from . . . and this is all I say. I could not, would not, try an Aajonus diet. It's gross, and his energy isn't comfortable for me either, but he is alive and that speaks volumes for something IF he ever really had multiple myeloma, but then we go full circle, don't we?

What can offer under the circumstances?
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arthur luckower
Posted on Thursday, May 02, 2002 - 01:32 pm:   

since i last posted, i have done two liver cleanses and i am in the middle of another. i passed large amounts of huge stones. my liver or gall bladder is very congested. so i will keep on with the cleanses until i feel relief in that area.

i respect anyone's path in where they choose to go with their health. aajonus' diet worked well for a while. i might return to it. when the liver cleanses subside i will reevaluate what i am doing. i do not believe in forcing things, as he does. i am not attached to any dogma at this point. vegetarian, carnivore, whatever. i can't afford the price of dogmas.
aajonus has helped alot of people. he also attracts alot of zealots.

i will also reevaluate my mercury situation as soon as these cleanses are over. they seem to have dramatically changed my energy in a very short time, so i will need to get used to the new me.

i also have an ozone sauna that i purchased from dr pressman in canada. i have noticed benefit from them.

i do like aajonus' take on bacteria and the such. this seems to make intuitive sense. the only thing that i experienced negatively on his diet was too rapid cleansing. which he warned me about. so i am not at all worried about parasites anymore. even though i know i still have alot of them still in me. my main focus now is to leave the colon cleansing behind and just function as best as i can. my main problems are energy and concentration.

incidentally, i found aajonus' iridology reading to be the best diagnosis of my health so far. i had alot of it confirmed by medical tests. no one in 15 years had ever mentioned lung problems, he was the first, and it makes perfect sense. i had suspected mercury myself, but no one had ever committed to an rx before. i do not think the medical tests are even close to accurate concerning mercury. i have followed andy cutler's protocol and received benefit. but it is very draining.

i will be back in touch soon and perhaps try your cilantro and chlorella together.

aajonus is more than alive, he is grounded and vibrant. i do believe that he recovered from his cancers. his recommendation for removing mercury was a small amount of squash juice mixed with green juice. also berries and cream. i cant stomach the fats anymore. so i will have to look elsewhere. i am not a blind follower of his, like many others though.

glad you resolved your mold problem

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Lance Kallas
Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 12:43 pm:   

What is the BEST Chlorella you reconmend???
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Posted on Friday, July 26, 2002 - 12:04 am:   

Oh, tough question. I am assured by many that Sun is the best and that Earthrise is also good, but you'd have to assay them to be sure. There are so many tales about this. One man claimed to have assayed 14 brands, but then he said he couldn't remember which one was the one that was real. I didn't believe him, but perhaps he did not want to answer the question in front of an audience?
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Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2002 - 01:47 pm:   

I have read all of the posts re: oral chelation and chilantro and have some comments/questions. First, I had a light bulb over my head after reading the information regarding braces. I had braces in junior high. Coincidentally, that's when my "constitution" changed drastically. According to my mother, I had no problem with obesity until (as she puts it) I got hormones when I had my first period in 6th grade. I had had the usual chunky periods before growth spurts but then slimmed down. It was only after getting the braces that I had to constantly struggle with a hormone problem and resulting weight issues. I was able to control these with periods of yo-yo dieting until I went on birth control when I got married 7 years ago. Since then the battle with weight was lost, and I am extremely obese. I have classic symptoms of polysistic ovaries. I also have a mouth full of metal. I remember as a child going to the dentist and being told I had 10 cavities! I haven't been to the dentist in about 15 years though. I will assume based on the estrogenic properties of the composites that this is definitely not the way to go for me. By the way, I have a ton of gray hair for someone who is only 32.

Anyway, my question is to ask what is chlorella specifically? Also, I am currently using the Stone Free, can this be included in the chelation regimen? If not, should I complete the Stone Free and liver cleanses first, or second? If there ANY tooth filling which is safe and non-toxic for use (porcelain has been mentioned, is it safe)?

Also, I want to add that musle testing is an excellent way to determine for yourself and your body what dose is appropriate for you at any given time, and can be done daily as needed. I can't say that I use it regularly myself, but I have muscle tested before ordering supplements because I feel what works for one won't necessarily work for another. I will definitely muscle test the chilatro before dumping x number of drops down my throat because the last thing I need is a dramatic healing crisis. As this point though, I am so frustrated with my lack of progress that I need to do something. I don't want to be a cranky fat woman with no energy anymore.
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Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2002 - 11:53 pm:   

Interesting timing, Lisa!

I went to the dentist today. After much internet research, I decided that I wanted to try Cerec restorations. The first dentist I saw wanted a periodontist to perform a crown lengthening operation before he fitted the Cerec. In my quest for someone to perform this procedure, his opinion was not corroborating, but I listened to conflicting opinions, mainly by dentists with a lack of understanding of the health risks of the materials they use.

Finally, I found someone congenial and open minded and I am very happy with the experience I had today except that we had a communications glitch and he removed an amalgam instead of fixing the tooth that was broken so we ended up doing two teeth instead of one.

Cerec is a fascinating technology. Basically, it involves the same sorts of preparations as other dental procedures: anesthesia, removal of the decay and/or old fillings (using drills and dams), and drying of the tooth surface. Then, a powder is sprayed on the tooth and a camera with three lenses is inserted in the mouth. It sends pictures (triangulated) to a computer that designs a restoration and then mills it out of a ceramic block. The milling took approximately 12 minutes per tooth so the dentist was able to prepare the second tooth while waiting for the first restoration. It is then cemented into place that same way a porcelain crown is fitted, but there is no mold or second visit (or second anesthesia). Thus far, I am satisfied that given the options, I made a good decision.

I don't know if there are perfect dental materials, but this one looks and feels quite natural, and the procedure is nothing short of fascinating. I called a number of dentists (there are online registries) and found that most are very happy with the method. Prices were comparable to laboratory produced crowns.

As for muscle testing, one of the dentists I saw used this method, but the anesthesia and filling material he chose left me unconvinced of his skills. I was still aware of numbness for three weeks and my vision was affected by the anesthesia (and I gained weight after the composite was used.) I think this is where New Age and common sense have to compromise sometimes because if someone asked me whether I want epinephrine or not, I could easily have answered "no" without paying $125 extra for some corroboration from kinesiology.

So far as the sequence goes for you. I would generally check for parasites first, heavy metal toxicity next, and weight last. There are many reasons for weight gain, hormones being only one of them. Fluids dilute and fats isolate toxins so a proper weight loss program should include attention to the needs for detoxification. Of course, some people simply overeat, but others have underlying problems that need to be explored and factored into the treatment strategies.

Premature graying suggests heavy metal toxicity, but removing amalgams may or may not solve the problem, especially if you choose composites, which I am coming to believe are not really any better than amalgams. For one thing, they shrink so they tend to permit decay around the edges.

If others discover something better, do let us know. I am certain there are many opinions, but the fact that some people have good experiences and others do not with the same materials suggests that one size does not really fit all. My friend had all her porcelain bonded to metal crowns removed and replaced with gold. It helped her enormously, but I didn't want a mixture of metals in my mouth so I am tackling the amalgams one at a time until they are all removed.

For those in more critical shape and with financial concerns, there are places across the border that can do the work for a half or a third of the cost of doctors in the States.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 - 08:00 pm:   

I am posting this here, although it's not chelation related.

My son is 3 3/4 years old. He was addicted to the pacifier from early on, and my husband and I were too indulgent in this respect. At night, we allowed him to take rice milk to bed and combined with the use of the pacifier, two teeth in front developed holes (one is more like a crater). Also, we never made him brush his teeth. Yes, terrible but true as we did not want to force him to do this. When I noticed the holes, I immediately threw away the pacifiers, started a brushing regimen and eliminated drinks at night. I took him to the dentist, who discovered an additional two cavities in the back teeth. Not wanting to start him down the horrible road of modern day dental care, I chose to take the homeopathic route. I am a big fan of homeopathy. I chose calcarea fluorica (calcicum fluoride) as it is used for decaying teeth and seemed a logical choice. I used 30C potency from the health food store as I wanted to see if there was improvement before going with a higher dose (if necessary). My intent was for two doses a day (a.m. and p.m.), but I was somewhat slack the first week or two. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that the holes in the front teeth are actually filling in, and within only a week or two of treatment! The smaller one is filling in from left to right, and the large "crater" is filling in from the inside out and from the bottom up. I do not know if this would work for adults, however I want to let other parents know about this in case they would like to try it. I will let you know in a few months if this eliminates the need for the dental repair work suggested by the dentist. There is a child in my neighborhood the same age as my son who has already had 4 root canals (had to be done under general anest. in an ER) and various other dental work to the point that they capped all his teeth before they could deteriorate further. BTW, his mother allows him to drink soda, which we most definitely do not allow our son. Our dentist tried to insist on x-rays by threatening with baby root canals, but I declined. I feel that the homeopathic cell salts are a mild treatment, especially compared to dental work.

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Posted on Thursday, July 03, 2003 - 01:21 pm:   

Lisa (and others),

This is hair raising and I am anxious to hear the report as to how the homeopathics work.

In the meantime, I might note that there are some new procedures in dentistry involving ozone and oxygen. A rubber cap is placed over the infected tooth and the ozone is blown under the cap. It apparently removes decay painlessly. So far as I understand this, it would not work on filled teeth. Well, perhaps it would if the restorations were removed, but it is certainly something to consider with small children.

Good luck!
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Bill Ritter
Posted on Monday, May 02, 2005 - 06:00 pm:   

This is my first time on this site. I have been desperately seeking help for my condition. I am a 37 year old female that as of December I had a buzzing in my chest, my doctor did bloodwork and an EKG said everything was fine, from that point on it has been down hill, I have abdominal pain, burning in my chest, and a leaking squeezing feeling, my mouth buzzes and it tastes like metal, I wake up shaking am cold, feel like someone is sticking pins in my body. I go to the doctors again tomorrow I really feel like I do have some type of poisoning due to the fillings that keep falling out (like grains of sand when I eat). What if they won't test me for it? What do I do then? Where do I go? My skin itches, my hair feels limp, I have orangish skin above my eyelids, and I feel as though someone dumped acid into my system. Can I detox myself? I feel as though I am running out of time, in all the blood work I had one positive for Lyme and one negative so I have to be on 500 mg of amoxicillin until it comes back negative, something is attacking my immune system and I am not buying the Lyme, I haven't been bit by a tick it was winter. Please let me know where to go? Thank you.
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Bill Ritter
Posted on Monday, May 02, 2005 - 06:04 pm:   

The 37 year old female is me, but I had to sign in under my husbands name. Just to add, everyone thinks this is an impossible senario and that it is just stress and anxiety. I look forward to your reply.
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Posted on Saturday, July 02, 2005 - 02:55 pm:   

i believe that a have gotten mercury posioning from a tetus shot - any suggestion on how to get it out of my system
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Posted on Thursday, July 07, 2005 - 10:20 am:   

Cilantro (chinese parsley) apparently gets rid of excess heavy metals from the body. If have metal plates in body should perhaps be careful - might rather consider using homeopathy specific to mercury.
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Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - 12:48 pm:   

Could you please tell me what vitamens my wife can take since she has polsystic kidneys.

Would appreciate your input.

thank you,

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Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - 09:28 am:   

Hi Ingrid,

I'm wondering if you know about using IP-6 to chelate mercury, and what your opinion is. Here's a link about it (the same Dr has other articles about IP-6 as well):

http://www.knowledgeofhealth.com/report.asp?story=Is%20mercury%20toxicity%20from %20fish%20a%20real%20health%20hazard?

Another article on IP-6:

http://www.knowledgeofhealth.com/report.asp?story=The%20IP6%20Rice%20Bran%20Clea nse



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