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While vaccinations are often given credit for the drastic reduction in certain types of infectious diseases, there are those who question this thesis, who attribute most of decrease to improved sanitation and the ability to control the symptoms of acute infections through medicines that mask primary symptoms but have little or no effect on the longer-term course of the disease and the secondary and tertiary symptoms that appear later and are hence often not linked to the original cause. The subject of vaccinations usually causes extreme polarization of opinion. Feel free to jump into these turbid seas.

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Posted on Monday, September 30, 2002 - 07:07 pm:

Published 09. 29. 02 at 18:32 Sierra Time

Furor Over Vaccinations: Americans Beginning To Rebel
By Dorothy Anne Seese

Americans are beginning to fear the government's mandatory vaccination
program that looms on the horizon in the event of some "incident" of a
disease such as smallpox. My personal thanks to the radio program Coast to
Coast hosted by Art Bell, George Noory and others who regularly host the

In the middle of the night we Americans get an inside look at what the "rush
hour major media" will not tell us about the ill effects of vaccinations on
many children and adults. Mothers fear for themselves and their children,
particularly those who have reacted badly in the past to something injected
into their systems.

I am one who has survived two smallpox vaccinations, one at age 17 to enter
UCLA and one at 32 required of all employees at a certain company. Both had
horrible effects. Neither left a scar from the normal pustule because my
system caused a lump on my left upper arm about the size of half an orange,
filled with fever, discolored skin, and pain. Now, at 67, with active
arthritis, a weakened immune system and various medications I need to keep
walking, that type of reaction could be fatal. The suspicion is spreading
rapidly among the public that a mass vaccination program of any type will
"cull" the American population, that is, kill off the weaker among us, by
government mandate.

That isn't the America I thought I grew up in, but I've since found out that
this government has experimented on its own population since World War II.
The evidence was just buried (or cremated). This doesn't leave me and many
others with a great sense of confidence in our nation's leadership of either
party. Of all things we wanted to believe about our nation, it was that this
country was founded by people of integrity and would never stoop to
experimenting on its own population with drugs or chemicals that would kill

Apparently the difference between us and other nations is that we've been
able to hide American secret experiments for years, while pointing the
finger at "rogue nations" that kill off their own people. We just never did
ours as an act of war or quelling rebellion ... America lacked willing
guinea pigs so it made us all unknowing guinea pigs at some time or another
with vaccines, gases, virii, and chemicals. I will express my feelings about
this: Damn!

We have a nation with some very fine people, but they never seem to get to
positions of power. We have some brilliant people who are doing independent
research, and the internet or talk radio are the outlets they must use to
get their message across. The "free press" of which our politicians brag so
much is a pet poodle of the elitists. This means most Americans never hear
what the major media will not print or show on television. Only those who
use their computers to seek information, or can listen to late night radio,
will hear alternative views to what the major media publishes.

Vaccinations can be deadly. When I was injected with the smallpox vaccine it
was regularly manufactured and regularly used, and still the reactions were
frightening. Now, under a "hurry up" program backed by our government
against some veiled threat of a smallpox bioterror attack, who knows what
kinds of diluted vaccines will be injected into this nation's children and
adults? It is known that the very young, the elderly, and those with
auto-immune diseases such as the rheumatoids, those lumped in a heap called
"arthritis" will likely die or be permanently impaired by a program of mass

More people are learning about the dangers of this program and want to
protest. How do we protest? George Noory said he simply will refuse to take
the vaccine. He is aware of the hazards from personal experience in his
family, the same as one of his guests who is vehemently against this
program. Vaccines are made with virii and attenuating agents that are
themselves poisons.

I read Ed Henry's Goodbye column and I know how he feels. I wrote "farewell
to politics" on July 10, my 67th birthday. The world, this nation, it's all
globalist now and I saw no use in continuing any political writing. Maybe I
am close to the classic three score and ten lifespan, but the average
lifespan in America now is almost 78, and in my family folks die young in
their 80's. It was my intention to focus only on the Final Babylon and other
Bible topics. But when the news about proposed government programs that may
cull our population by mass deaths of children, elderly and those with
immune system deficiencies keeps popping up, then it's time to add one more
voice to the rising mound of objections across the country.

The message is clear: Don't make this mandatory! If people want
vaccinations, let them have the serum. If we don't want it, don't grab us,
inject us and then bury us. That isn't American tradition.

We're doing a lot of secret things in our country and we would all love to
believe that this nation represents integrity and the highest principles of
protecting its own people. We cannot do that. As Americans, we have to
believe that the people who are in the positions of leadership may not be
people of integrity, they may be lying to us, and they may have plans that
would cause an uprising in our nation. That uprising may yet come, around
2005, if certain prognosticators are correct.

All of us who are against mandatory vaccinations need to speak up, speak
loudly and speak often. We need to write it and send it to our families,
friends, and leaders (yes I know clerks read the mail and trash most of it).
But perhaps we can write our newspapers. They can't really ignore an
overwhelming mass of letters saying "We will not stand for mandatory

Yes, there is a possibility of bioterrorism ... but biowarfare has the
possibility of a boomerang. Chemical warfare or a massive strike of
terrorism against objects like the Golden Gate, the Statue of Liberty, the
major bridges, tunnels and landmarks all happening within a few minutes of
each other could paralyze this nation. We don't even know how West Nile
virus and malaria-carrying mosquitoes came into this nation. Maybe it was
the enemy, maybe it was an experiment of our own gone awry. Whatever, we're
living in a dangerous enough age without allowing mandatory executions of
our people who simply cannot take vaccinations.

When I was a child, parents had a choice about vaccinations. So I have not
had any vaccinations other than the smallpox vaccinations I elected to take
to get into UCLA and to accept a certain job. That was enough.

If you approve of vaccinations, then by all means take them. If you do not
fear for your children, let them be vaccinated. This should be a free
country, and liberty is the right to choose.

Mandatory means no choice, no options. That is unacceptable in America. We
need to let the government know that.

It's time to let the people lead, because when the people lead, the leaders
must follow. We know what we want!

© 2002

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Calico Rock
Posted on Monday, September 30, 2002 - 09:42 pm:   

Bottom line when it comes to vaccinations? The pharmaceutical companies that make them refuse to be responsible for any "adverse effects." They have opted out and the government has set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (a bureaucratic nightmare for families whose children have been damaged).

The program states:

A citizen is required to apply for federal compensation prior to pursuing a lawsuit.

The system will offer to pay up to $250,000 for a vaccine associated death.

The system will offer to pay for all past and future unreimbursed medical expenses, custodial and nursing home care; up to $250,000 pain and suffering; and loss of earned income.

If a citizen rejects the award or is turned down, a lawsuit may be filed.

Claims must be filed within 24 months of a death and 36 months of an injury.

Restrictions may apply to lawsuits.

The system is funded by a sur-charge on each dose of vaccine sold.

Do you really want to have something injected into your body or your child's body when the folks that make that something refuse to stand behind it?

For more information check out the National Vaccine Information Center:

And remember, don't accept any blankets from the the government.

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Posted on Monday, September 30, 2002 - 10:27 pm:   

I am sixty years old, and I can still remember how sick I became when I got my smallpox vaccination as a child. My doctor was downtown, on the top floor of a medical building, and my mother and I had to ride the bus to his office.

After I got the vaccination, we went to do some shopping, and I can remember being so small that I had to reach up to hold my mother's hand. I even remember what I was wearing that day. Before long, I was overcome by a feeling of exhaustion, and I felt feverish. I wanted to go home and lie down. My arm swelled up, as if there were half a small ball under the skin. It turned blackish purple and was hard and sore. A few weeks later, because my arm had not developed the circular indentation that was supposedly the proof of successful vaccination, the doctor insisted on re-vaccinating me. I remember my mother arguing with the doctor, and he said rude things to her, accused her of being a bad parent. She gave in, he vaccinated me again, and I developed asthma and encephalitis. The doctor insisted the vaccination had nothing to do with it. I nearly died from the encephalitis, and it caused me visual and neurological problems which I have to this day. The asthma has also been my lifelong "companion."
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Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 - 02:48 am:   

The vaccination issue is so enormous that one cannot do it justice in less than several hundred or thousand pages.

For me, a pacifist and vegetarian, the first issue is cruelty to animals and the next is violation of the sanctity of my own body, which under the new legislation would be subject to measures I would not on my own choose.

The government has responsibility for public health so to the extent that smallpox or any other disease is more highly communicable and potentially deadly, the government has to have a plan. This said, it is the government that has carried on the secretive development of biological weapons in complete disregard of treaties prohibiting this inhumane use of scientific knowledge.

At some point, it has to be understood that this is one world. We cannot spread poison and disease and hope to preserve health for ourselves. Health is, as Ms. Seese might know, a state of integrity. One cannot cause the death of others and not fear repercussions on oneself. So, the diabolical plans to eliminate certain populations has perforce to backfire, but at what cost to the innocent?

It is mainly the innocent who suffer: newborn babies and those who are weak. Health requires a commitment, but it starts with first measures, first steps, and in the present circumstances, those steps ought to involve dismantling of the programs that threaten the world with genocide on a scale that only the insane could conjure.
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Dorothy Davis
Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 - 10:38 am:   

Please inform readers where they may obtain "nosodes". Thank you.
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Dorothy Davis
Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 - 11:20 am:   

Please explain the difference between a "nosode" and a "phage".
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Posted on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 - 01:03 am:   

Natural Health Newsletter Randall Neustaedter OMD Time for the Flu Vaccine? Think Again The flu vaccine gets the most-useless-vaccine-of-all-time award. Now the CDC is recommending the vaccine for children under two years old and all adults over 50. Don't fall for it. Read the flu chapter from the new edition of my book, The Vaccine Guide, which will be available at bookstores by late October.

Flu Vaccine Everyone knows about the flu and the flu vaccine.

What people do not know is that flu vaccines are nearly useless in preventing flu, they will cause the flu, and they often result in nervous system damage that can take years for the body to repair. Other nations chuckle at Americans' infatuation with the flu vaccine. The joke would indeed be funny, if it weren't for the damaging effects caused by the vaccine.

The history of the flu vaccine reads like one stumbling fiasco after another. Take an example. Ever wonder how the particular viruses are chosen for next year's vaccine? The answer could be drawn from a 1930s film noir of Shanghai villainy.

Scientists kill migrating ducks in Asia, culture the viruses and put those in next year's vaccine, because they have seen an association between bird and pig viruses and the following year's human flu epidemics.

Perhaps this desperate guesswork is responsible for so many years when the flu vaccine's viruses had nothing in common with circulating viruses. According to a CDC report of the 1994-1995 flu season, 87 percent of type A influenza virus samples were not similar to the year's vaccine, and 76 percent of type B virus were not similar to the virus in that year's vaccine. During the 1992-1993 season, 84 percent of samples for the predominant type A virus were not similar to the virus in the vaccine.

Here is a list of the most common side effects of the flu vaccine as stated by the CDC - fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and headache. Sound familiar?

The primary targeted population for flu vaccine is the elderly, yet the vaccine is notoriously ineffective in preventing disease in that population. According to the CDC, the effectiveness of flu vaccine in preventing illness among elderly persons residing in nursing homes is 30-40 percent (CDC, 2001b).

Other studies have shown an even lower efficacy of 0-36 percent (averaging 21 percent). The CDC proudly notes that for those elderly persons living outside of nursing homes, flu vaccine is 30-70 percent effective in preventing hospitalization for pneumonia and influenza.

Yet the Department of Human and Health Services found that, with or without a flu shot, pneumonia and influenza hospitalization rates for the elderly are less than one percent during the influenza season.

Regardless of vaccination status, 99 percent of the elderly recover from the flu without being hospitalized. The ineffectiveness of flu shots in the elderly led the CDC in 2000 to begin recommending the shots for all persons age 50 years and older. The rationale being that one third of Americans have a risk factor or chronic disease that puts them at risk of increased morbidity from the flu.

Annual flu vaccination is recommended for those individuals with asthma and other chronic respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. However, those people with impaired immune systems are the most likely to suffer adverse autoimmune reactions.

Children are the next frontier for the lucrative flu vaccine campaign. Vaccination is currently recommended for children over six months of age with high-risk medical conditions, but is not recommended for healthy children.

Experts in the field suggest that parents of children age six months to two years "be informed that their children are at risk for serious complications of influenza, and allowed to make individual informed decisions regarding influenza immunization for their children" (Neuzil et al., 2001).

This statement was made by Marie Griffin (and others), the same author who was implicated in the flawed study that supposedly exonerated the pertussis vaccine of nervous system damage. She is also a paid consultant to one of the world's largest vaccine manufacturers, Burroughs Wellcome.

The children's market is the next big hope for vaccine campaigners.

A 1998 working group began investigations to not only support, but also to "recommend" flu vaccine for young children.

The next big change in flu vaccines will be the introduction of a live intranasal flu vaccine, a dose that is actually sprayed into the nose.
This vaccine has already been tested on young children. Live intranasal vaccine was found 93 percent effective in preventing influenza in children age one to six years old (Belshe et al., 1998).

Unanswered questions about the live vaccine include the possibility of transmitting other, more dangerous viruses through the vaccine, the possibility of enhanced replication of the attenuated virus in individuals with compromised immune systems, and the possibility of bacterial superinfection if the replicating live virus disrupts nasal membranes (Subbarao, 2000). This vaccine waits in the wings for its chance as the next big gun in the vaccine arsenal aimed at our children.

Guillain-Barr* Syndrome In 1976 the flu vaccine was dealt a near fatal blow when reports appeared that the vaccine caused Guillain-Barr* syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune nervous system reaction characterized by unstable gait, loss of sensation, and loss of muscle control.

A mass vaccination program was mounted that year by the US Government, and 45 million Americans received the swine flu vaccine. Statistical studies have confirmed a causal relationship between the vaccine and GBS. During that year the rate of GBS in Ohio was 13.3 per 1,000,000 in vaccine recipients compared to 2.6 per 1,000,000 in nonrecipients (Marks & Halpin, 1980).

A follow-up study also showed a significantly increased incidence of GBS during the first 6 weeks following receipt of the vaccine in patients residing in two other states. The rate of GBS was 8.6 per million vaccinees in Michigan and 9.7 per million vaccinees in Minnesota (Safranek et al., 1991). This episode, which became known as the swine flu catastrophe, left doctors extremely reluctant to administer flu vaccine, and shattered the public trust in the flu vaccine campaign.

The association between GBS and flu shots was not unique to the swine flu. Earlier reports had also summarized cases of nervous system disorders occurring soon after the flu vaccine (Flewett & Hoult, 1958; Horner, 1958). More recently, an increased risk for GBS occurring in patients during the six weeks following the flu vaccine was revealed in the 1992-1993 and the 1993-1994 flu seasons (Lasky et al., 1998).

Pregnancy One of the most bizarre twists on the flu vaccine saga is the CDC recommendation of 2001 that all pregnant women receive the vaccine in their second or third trimester. This recommendation even has doctors confused, since the vaccine remains a category C drug (unknown risk for pregnancy). No adequate studies have been conducted to monitor safety of the vaccine for mother and fetus. The only studies of adverse effects in pregnancy were conducted in the 1970s (Heinonen et al., 1973; Sumaya & Gibbs, 1979).

Some flu vaccines still contain mercury as a preservative, despite a
1998 FDA instruction to remove mercury from all drugs. According to the CDC, two groups are most vulnerable to methylmercury*the fetus and children ages 14 and younger.

An article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1999 stated, "the greatest susceptibility to methylmercury neurotoxicity occurs during late gestation"

(Grandjean et al., 1999). How did CDC committee members determine that flu vaccines were safe for pregnant women? They did not. The committee, despite its own recommendation, states, "additional data are needed to confirm the safety of vaccination during pregnancy" (CDC, 2001b).

Flu Facts - Flu vaccine manufacturers are notoriously inaccurate at predicting the appropriate viruses to use in an individual year's vaccine, rendering the vaccine ineffective.

- Flu vaccine is relatively ineffective in those patients most at risk of flu complications.

- The vaccine has caused GBS in recipients during several different flu seasons.

- Those most at risk of flu complications probably share a higher risk of adverse reactions to the flu vaccine as well.

Randall Neustaedter OMD, LAc Classical Medicine Center 1779 Woodside Rd #201C Redwood City, CA 94061 650 299-9170 email:
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Posted on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 09:59 am:   

If, as they say - the flu vaccine is not recommended for healthy children, then why are healthy children damaged by vaccines such as DPT, MMR, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B & so on? As my child was. My son did not only react to one specific vaccine. He nearly died twice after his DPT-P, (was cyanotic & unresposive after the first one) and the MMR had him smashing his head on the floor for weeks afterwards. My son has 6 autism spectrum disorders. He came into this world cyanotic (from lack of oxygen during a too long labour) but by the time I took him home from the hospital, he was alert, holding his head up in the bassinette, following the nurses every moves. Apgars were good. He nursed well, slept well and was happy until his first shot. I have pictures that show the contrast. He went from a healthy, smiling, cooing, happy little guy, to one who never smiled, was sickly all the time, and would pretty much stare with a tight frown all the time.

I have been doing alot of studying over the years and what I have leaned is quite appalling. I have learned from the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals & Specialties, (which is published yearly by the pharmaceutical industry) that due to my son's condition at birth (cyanosis the CPS states) he should not have had even a single shot until after the age of 8 months. Even after he was cyanotic the second time in his short life, his pediatrician STILL insisted in continuing the onslaught of routine vaccines. By the age of 8 months, my son had 12 different vaccines coursing through his bloodstream.

If only I had known then what I know today about vaccines. Healthy children are damaged by the thousands daily. Who is listening? As long as I have breath in me, I will speak up against the slaughter of innocents...

A saying I once heard - to the effect of - "The sign of a species having gone quite mad, is when it turns on its own young..."

We, the unsuspecting public - have been manipulated - to turn against those we love the most!
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Posted on Friday, October 04, 2002 - 05:40 pm:   


Feel free to speak your piece/peace here. I am with you, perhaps even more than you imagine.

The problem as I see it is that years of medical education, maybe a century, have touted vaccines as a miracle. Coming out of 300 years of the Black Death, it is easy to understand that a rogue like Pasteur could manipulate the public imagination to promote his germ theories. Now, we have absolutely sincere physicians who are totally indoctrinated into believing that vaccines are protecting people against infectious diseases. Thinking outside the box is not only difficult, it is unpopular.

I am opposed to vaccines on the basis of my own belief in harmlessness. This begins with an assumption that I cannot predicate my own health on the suffering of anyone else. So, putting animals through agony in order to make medicine from their infections is just intolerable to me.

Second, I am opposed for hygienic reasons. I'm fairly fastidious and the last thing I want in my body is some pus from another body.

Third, I believe in immunity and when the germ theory took root, medicine abandoned interest in the immune system. It is just beginning to examine the folly of this neglect.

. . . and I have just started to get onto my soapbox.
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Posted on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 12:14 pm:   

Thanks Ingrid!

I also believe in hygienics & the uncleanliness of vaccines. I believe that given their own opportunity to build immunities, a properly functioning body will do just that. Man has cleaned up his/her act on many fronts along with proper sanitation & many plagues we will live to see, are man made. West Nile for example. It has been around likely a long time. It was likely that the birds were carriers all along, sort of in in the way that every person has certain bacteria present in their bodies. The more intolerant we have become to the presence of mosquitoes, fogging & spraying to get rid of them, we have weakened the immunity of birds who drink the contaminated water. They are the canaries in the coal mine & we just want stronger & more effective sprays to rid our selves of these pests, rather than to listen to what these birds are telling us. I am also, somewhat leery of blood products, at least until they can clean it up some. I have concerns, since I have had a blood transfusion back in the 80's and feel at times, like a time bomb is inside me. I do not like the thought of what could be lurking in my body from someone else's blood. Vaccines do contain, human blood serum and animal tissue as well as chemical stabilizers & detergents. How can this garbage crossing your blood/brain barrier be any good for anyone??

Incidentally, speaking of phages - I would also love to learn more about them. I know they were developed in Russia & they have used them for many years. It's a primitive process actually & rather a disgusting thought at the origins (sewage...:-( )

I recently saw a show, Dateline, 20/20 or 48 hours, (I watch them all!) that had a special news feature on phages. They will be using them sooner than we think... A Toronto musician has already successfully been treated for an infection that would not heal, or something of that nature.

One thing that I am aware of with regards to the pharmaceutical industry - is that they DO use perks to convince Dr's to administer their products. I have word right from a pharmaceutical salesman that they offer the Dr's free family vacations, computers & software & much more. If vaccines were so good for us, why do they have to bribe the Dr's to administer them????

Sorry if I seem to go off in so many directions, but ohh, there are sooo many things we need to be mindful of. I picture folks like us, as part of a small army, which is hopefully growing larger, the more information we put out there. I like to drop pamphlets around & write letters to my editor in our local paper. They do actually print them here!

I guess I should sign up to become a member here... I seem to come in pretty frequently.

Have a great weekend :-) You DO take weekends off don't you??
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Posted on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 03:39 pm:   

No, Deana, I don't take off weekends, but I did go to the Farmer's Market this morning, really bent on organic leafy greens right now!

While you and I might have a just slightly different set of metaphors for discussing our views (and positions), I think we are saying more or less the same thing or at least coming to the same conclusions.

On (another of my sites), I discuss my own medical history a bit. I also worked on Wall Street back in the mid-60s and covered for the pharmaceutical analyst during the thalidomide times. Vatican II was meeting and my boss's phone never stopped ringing. People wanted to know which stock to buy if the Church approved birth control. I read one file after another on different kinds of birth control measures and I read all the files on law suits against the companies making the medicines on which most people depend. Ironically, I vowed at that time never to take any medicine unless it had been available at least one generation, preferably two. For reasons I cannot explain to myself, I made an exception about vaccines, probably because the next thing I did was go to Vietnam because I really wanted to find a way to stop the insanity. I was so heavily vaccinated and was sick the entire time I worked for the Government. I later found out things about the vaccines that you already know.

The problem is multifold. First, there is the important issue of the ethics and integrity of the industry. Second, there are the medical issues and assumptions. Third, there is the matter of "natural" versus "scientific." I believe that scientists would argue that "natural" is not safe because they will point to the history of epidemics and contamination prior to the advent of "science." I realized long ago that we have moved in less than half a century, actually one generation if you count those born during WWII such as myself, from bacterial to chemical pollution. In the course of evolution, humans (or birds as you suggest) would gradually adapt to a new challenge to survival, but none of us have had time to adjust to the chemical hazards. My mother was Swedish, pure 100% Swedish, and she believed that the Scandinavian diet and the Scandinavian climate were suitable for Scandinavians and she balked when I became a vegetarian. She said I'd die on that diet, and she cried and complained and never forfeited an opportunity to point out the slightest chance of a deficiency condition arising.

The problem is my frame of reference was different from hers. I looked at the data that she and her doctor were shoving in front of me, but then I reminded myself that I lived in India for three years. There, I met people who had never tasted meat in their lives. They were for the most part gracious, intelligent, and healthy. I lived in Japan for a while and noticed that people age gracefully there, too. Then, I lectured in Chicago and was put up at a retirement home that had once been a fancy hotel. The people there were wrecks of humanity. They were socially disoriented and lacking all the wisdom and refinement I hoped to have when I was old. So, I began to question how the data is put together that determines what we need to eat and what is considered fit medicine. The simple, short answer was the evidence did not support the notion that the outcome would be satisfactory if I continued with more of the same.

I am very permissive and therefore not likely to lead an army. I love the internet because you visit whatever site you want, read what you want, and make up your own mind. If you want to make a change, you do so when you are ready.

This said, you are absolutely correct about the marketing of pharmaceuticals. I had a long discussion with a Chinese pharmacist in Canada. He said that doctors in China are prohibited from selling medicine. I told him that while I felt there was ample risk in the Western system, the fact is that if I were to send someone to a local pharmacy or health foods store to buy something, they would be getting a commercial brand that most likely is inferior to what a smaller producer would provide. So, we do sit on a double-edged sword here.

What is really wrong is that doctors rely on the data supplied by the companies that market their products so if that data is skewed or if it is outright fraudulent, they become accomplices in a flawed system. In the meantime, what is happening with Martha Stewart should teach us all something. I am not going to take a position on what she did or didn't do or who knew what. I'm not on the inside track. All I am saying is that because patents are so valuable, absolutely enormous sums of money are invested in projects that might result not only in a patent but approval. If the cancer treatment in which she invested/speculated had received FDA approval, the stock would have soared. The fact, however, that it failed to obtain approval says something. I'm cynical enough to suspect it says that the powers that be wouldn't release their stranglehold on already approved treatments by letting a new kid take up residence on their block. Maybe the drug was inadequate, but so are most of them. The game is about power, not healing.

This said, I believe we are moving into a new era, hopefully not the New World Order, but a sort of post-Copernican, post-modern era, in which we resume the study of Nature and natural law. I can't see how we will survive if we fail to create wholesome food and medicine. Some colleagues are less hopeful. They think fungi are the top of the food chain and that mushrooms will have the last laugh on humans!
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Posted on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 - 12:18 am:   

Hi again Ingrid!

Yes, we are also into the organic market. We try to buy everything organic if possible & we do very well. I try to stick to locally grown when I can, otherwise it's imported from California... I do grow some produce in season also - pesticide free as well!

I am a subscriber of Redflagsweekly & just found this through one of the links in their site - it's an article on phages. Dorothy had earlier asked about them. While I'm not in a position to comment as to the difference between nosodes & phages, this article is still pretty informative.
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Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2002 - 02:14 pm:   


Thanks for this link. I read the essay and found it most interesting.

If I understand this correctly, then what the virus is doing to the bacteria is similar to what I have seen bacteria do to parasites. The easiest way to explain these would be to consider them as microscopic vultures who go after carrion. It definitely raises the question of what protocols to use in which situations as well perhaps as who really ranks where on the food chain.
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Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - 09:49 am:   

Before considering vaccination or extending even more rights for mandated vaccination, have a look at these pictures:
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Posted on Thursday, November 07, 2002 - 11:29 am:

November 7, 2002



On The Behavior Of Medicine’s Vaccine Pushers Who Think Opinion Replaces Science And The Useless Research That Results In Damage To Children.

By Nicholas Regush

The other day, a scientist, funded to look into vaccine safety by the European Commission, warned that studies on vaccine safety were often a bust. Dr. Thomas Jefferson, who is head of the vaccine division of the Cochrane Collaboration - a scientific group that investigates treatment issues - was unimpressed by the quality of vaccine safety research, particular its ability to provide much-needed information on risks and benefits.

This is not surprising for anyone who has bothered to examine what today constitutes a safety study of a vaccine. It is often no more than a brief examination of immediate side-effects. Don’t even think about research over the long-term. It is scarce.

Furthermore, there is something very curious going on that deserves far more public attention than it’s receiving. Time after time, the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in focusing attention on a particular vaccine or vaccine issue - for example, anthrax, hepatitis B, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), mercury content of vaccines - issues a report that essentially says: we don’t have enough evidence to conclude one way or another about safety. What this means, of course, is that few studies have been done to satisfy the IOM’s standards. Not only should this be revealing as to the current state of vaccine research, but it should be seen as remarkable evidence that millions of children are getting shots - many of them mandated - without the benefit of appropriate scientific research.

The vaccine "pushers," as I like to call them - and why not since they cannot possibly base their zeal for vaccination on scientific grounds, particularly when it comes to safety - have come to think in their addicted fashion that their opinions about vaccination needs somehow come from a higher plane. Yes, they do - from the Planet Hallucination, somewhere "out there."

It’s bad enough that the IOM has to keep repeating itself about the lack of proper research and that more research needs to be done, but there is very little reaction from either government or the medical community to support such an effort. And forget about the vaccine makers and their medical drones who always seem to find a way to spin their useless opinions. How can anyone any longer trust them to say anything of value about vaccines?

One of the Big Lies in Vaccine Land goes something like this: There is no evidence to show that the vaccine is not safe.

There is no evidence because there isn’t often any kind of worthwhile evidence. Period.

Now and then, a study gets done. The latest one that will make news this week is about the MMR vaccine. It will be common for the scientists to announce that there is now strong evidence that the vaccine does not cause autism. On the basis of this one study?

Dream on citizens of Planet Hallucination.

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Posted on Thursday, December 05, 2002 - 07:39 pm:

Smallpox shots cause worrry Experts startled by array of side effects

By Ceci Connolly

THE WASHINGTON POST Dec. 5 - As physical specimens, the Baylor University students were fit and healthy, the "crème de la crème," in the words of researcher Kathy Edwards. Yet when she inoculated them with smallpox vaccine, arms swelled, temperatures spiked and panic spread.

IT WAS the same at clinics in Iowa, Tennessee and California. Of 200 young adults who received the vaccine as part of a recent government study, one-third missed at least one day of work or school, 75 had high fevers, and several were put on antibiotics because physicians worried that their blisters signaled a bacterial infection.

Even for experts such as Edwards, the Vanderbilt University physician overseeing the study, the side effects were startling. "I can read all day about it, but seeing it is quite impressive," she said. "The reactions we saw were really quite remarkable." President Bush is poised to announce plans, perhaps as early as this week, to resume vaccinating Americans against smallpox as part of a massive push to protect the nation from a biological assault. As he weighs the decision, researchers are becoming reacquainted with the unpleasant - often severe
- complications of the vaccine.

The experiences in a half-dozen clinical trials offer an early look at what military personnel, hospital workers and other emergency workers will likely encounter if Bush adopts the recommendations of his top health advisers to vaccinate as many as 11 million people in the coming months. What is disconcerting, say the people participating in the clinical trials, is that when it comes to smallpox vaccination, what had once been considered ordinary is rather extraordinary by today's standards.

TERRIBLY ITCHY "I just wanted to go to bed for a day or two there," said Alison Francis, a New York University graduate student who received the vaccine. Francis, 24, said she felt tired and achy after getting her shot. Her arm was heavy, warm to the touch and terribly itchy. "I thought, 'Can you just chop off my arm?' " Participating in the study was part patriotism and part selfishness, she said. "Now I'm protected." AdvertisementClick Here!

Once among the deadliest scourges on earth, smallpox was declared eradicated worldwide in 1981. But growing hostilities with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and others have renewed fears that the virus could be used as a potent, stealthy weapon. Vaccination is surefire protection against the disease, but it is risky. For every
1 million vaccinated, between 15 and 52 people will suffer life-threatening consequences such as brain inflammation, and one or two will die, according to historical data. Pregnant women, babies, people with eczema or weakened immune systems should not receive the vaccine.
Federal health officials have proposed resuming vaccination in stages, beginning with as many as 500,000 hospital workers most likely to see an initial case. Later, as many as 10 million police, fire and medical personnel would be offered the vaccine. The Pentagon hopes to vaccinate
500,000 soldiers.

Over the past year, federal researchers have been testing the
40-year-old vaccine for its safety and potency. None of the 1,500 volunteers has died or been seriously injured by the vaccine. But even the most mundane cases can be disturbing to doctors and patients unaccustomed to the live virus used in the vaccine and its side effects.
Unlike most modern vaccines, the smallpox vaccine is administered by 15 quick pricks that "establish an infection in your skin," said Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. "There is the immediate discomfort of getting poked in the arm and a range of annoying reactions." Within three to four days, a red itchy bump develops, followed by a larger blister filled with pus. In the second week, the blister dries and turns into a scab that usually falls off in the third week. During the three weeks, many people experience flu-like symptoms - aches, fever, lethargy - and terrible itchiness.

'PRETTY MISERABLE' "You can't scratch it; it's all bandaged up; all I could do was smack it," said Meg Gifford, a University of Maryland junior who participated in one study. For a weekend, she was "pretty miserable," suffering from a slight fever, an arm that was hot to the touch and swollen lymph nodes in her armpit.

At the University of Rochester Medical Center, researcher John Treanor saw a wide range of reactions, from a small rash to swelling the size of a grapefruit. About 5 percent of the 170 participants had rashes that spread to other parts of the body. It took time and experience, he said, for the team to get comfortable with the natural course of the vaccine.

"The reactions we are seeing are totally out of line with today's vaccine experience and absolutely in line with historical experience,"
said Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. "In the 30 years since we had routine vaccination, the public's tolerance level has gone way down." Maryland researchers have begun a second trial revaccinating older adults to see how much immunity stays in the system. Early indications are that people who have been previously inoculated do not suffer as many severe side effects. "I had a small red mark and that was about it," said Edward Dudley, 33.

Very few of today's physicians have administered the vaccine or treated its side effects. Even at the CDC, where health experts work with an array of germs, smallpox vaccinations were briefly halted when 10 people had serious enough reactions to begin antibiotics, said Walter Orenstein, director of the CDC's National Immunization Program.
"The clinic physician couldn't decide if this was a normal, primary exuberant take or a bacterial infection," he said. He added that, in fact, the swollen, itchy, red arms were routine.

As a first-year medical student 33 years ago, Orenstein was so alarmed by the fever, swollen glands and red streak up his arm after he was vaccinated that he went to the emergency room for antibiotics. "I respect this vaccine," he said.

If Bush moves forward with vaccination, Edwards warns doctors to expect the array of unsightly, unfamiliar complications that will come.
"You are going to have to be prepared to see these individuals and to see really bad takes," she told state health officers. "You'll wonder if they are bacterial infections; in some cases the rash will move up the arm and onto the chest. The vaccinee requires a lot of TLC."

© 2002 The Washington Post Company
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Posted on Thursday, December 05, 2002 - 07:46 pm:   

Please forward this important article as quickly and widely as possible. Thank you!

Smallpox Vaccination Risks Versus Natural Healing of Smallpox

by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

The following article is one of the best I've seen on the topic
of smallpox which is currently headlining many news sites.
Clearly, this effort to frighten people into compliance with
harmful, if not lethal, smallpox vaccination needs to be exposed
for what it is-a grave hoax and genocidal scam.

I say "grave hoax" because there is no rational public health
value in "mandating" a vaccine most of which dates back to the
1950s, has been diluted five times for current consumption,
without any scientific justification that it may be effective
against ANY modern form of hyper-weaponized smallpox that
derives from bioweapons laboratories in Iraq, North Korea, or
Russia, as Bush administration and health officials have been
warning, with its milieu of health and life-threatening
consequences no less.

I say "genocidal scam since the terms best fit the promotion of
this alleged preventative. The mass inoculation outcomes are
consistent with the strict definition of genocide that
includes "the mass enslaving and killing of people for
economics, politics and/or ideology." In this case the
enslavement comes in the form of chronic degenerative diseases
induced by the vaccine's side effect, enslaving people to drugs
for the "management" of their diseases that effect mortality-the
mass killing of people, in this case representing all races and

Clearly, the ideology expressed by most scientists and medical
clinicians who wrote their considered opinions to the FDA last
summer does not support this current genocidal policy. The
consensus proclaimed that mass smallpox vaccinations would be
contraindicated during these troubled times. At most, "we"
health care professionals proclaimed, 15,000 "front line
defenders" might wish to receive this vaccine. (Even this was,
in my opinion, tragic.) Two days after that consensus was
reached, the medical deities (MDs) representing Bush
administration and pharmaceutical industry interests upped the
number of targeted "front line defenders," without any logical
justification, to 500,000 where it stands at the time of this
writing. (Dec. 6, 2002)

Thus, the word "scam" adequately applies to this ruse, while the
apt term genocide might be more specifically stated
as "iatrogenocide"-physician induced injury and death deriving
from professional negligence (a scatomatous state of ignorance
associated with a dereliction of duty to learn the whole truth)
and homicidal behavior consistent with "Manchurian candidates"
for a global petro-chemical/pharmaceutical population
controlling elite.

WAKE UP FOOLS! Declare religious and medical exemptions from
this mechanism of mass murder. Go into hiding, quit valued jobs,
run the other way. Do anything and everything you need to do to
avert this catastrophy. Do I make myself clear?

And if you hear this, but fail to receive it, then go ahead in
your stubborn ignorance, get vaccinated with this cow pus-the
world needs fewer fools.


by Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano

A dead disease is being resurrected. Now the media will have
something exciting to talk about everyday and to frighten the
benighted American public with. For whatever reason, the
revivification of smallpox is certainly on the current agenda.

Not too long ago Fox News showed us a picture of a man who was
covered with smallpox pustules on his arms, face, legs and
abdomen. The pustules were big, black, ugly, scabby and closely
compacted. He looked like he was a monster from some other
world. It was enough to scare me, were it not for the fact that
I know that it was drug treatment that caused that ugly
picture and not the disease at all. The cause of those ugly
marks was carbolic acid that had been used to kill the supposed
germ that caused the eruptive rash.

Who are the terrorists? The pharmaceutical companies or the
Taliban? Because of what the terrorists may or may not do, the
pharmaceutical industry (the largest industry in the world), is
gearing us up for mandatory vaccinations, specially for certain
people in areas that may be targeted by the
terrorists. The authorities claim that we will be safe from
terrorists attacks using the pox virus because there are
adequate stockpiles of cultivated smallpox viruses in Russia and
in the USA to make most all the vaccines "needed."

It is claimed by medical historians that the vaccination process
wiped out smallpox throughout the world. However, the truth is
that compulsory vaccination was abandoned because more deaths
were caused by the vaccinations than there were cases of
smallpox. A slight of the hand trick was used to foster the
claim that smallpox was eradicated by the vaccination
practice. Everyone who had been vaccinated and who developed
smallpox was diagnosed as having chicken pox!

[Dr. Horowitz notes that smallpox was never fully eradicated
since monkey pox, genetically 92 percent identical to the
variola virus associated with smallpox, has persisted.]

The doctors who were interviewed on recent television shows
admit that the vaccine may cause many serious side-effects and
that a certain number of persons will develop painful and
sometimes lethal sequelae. Yet, they advise that it is better to
take the chance and be vaccinated in spite of these dangers.

Edward Jenner, a notorious fake and quack, is credited with
having "discovered" vaccination. However, it was a practice of
many ancient peoples long before his time. Savage and barbaric
tribes in various parts of the world practiced inoculation even
before Jenner's time. It is conjectured to have begun in India
and then spread to Africa and Europe. Lady Mary Wortley
Montague, wife of the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Court in
l7l7 introduced the practice to Europe. But, due to its proven
evils, one of which was an increase in smallpox in England, the
practice was abolished in l840.

It is pertinent that James Phipps, the eight year old boy
vaccinated by Jenner in l896, died at the age of 20. He had been
re-vaccinated twenty times. Jenner's own son who had also been
vaccinated more than once died at the young age of twenty-one.
Both succumbed to tuberculosis, a condition that some
researchers have linked to the smallpox vaccine. (Eleanor
McBean, The Poisoned Needle, 28,29,66 ).

According to the medical profession, smallpox or variola is an
acute highly infectious and contagious disease characterized by
a specific rash. According to past and present Natural Hygienic
practitioners smallpox is primarily a disease brought about by
gastrointestinal putrescence. Fermenting and rotting food in the
intestinal tract enervates, and causes increased digestive
impairment accompanied by increased systemic toxemia.

The toxins are from the absorption of the fermentation products
formed in the intestinal tract. Since those who overeat,
especially on animal products, are enervated, meaning they lack
normal nerve function, all the organs of elimination are
functioning on a lower physiological level and greater toxicity
ensues. Toxins from decomposing animal foods are highly
irritating, so the body has to get rid of them quickly and must
use extraordinary means since the organs of elimination are not
functioning well. Therefore, the poisons are carried by the
blood to the skin and the body eliminates them in various forms
of skin eruptions.

Smallpox is about as contagious as stumbling over a rock. Dr.
Herbert M. Shelton slept in the same bed with his brother while
the latter was in the so-called infectious stage with vesicles
all over. Yet Dr. Shelton did not develop smallpox.

Smallpox begins with the same symptoms that many acute diseases
do; such as chills, fever, backache, and vomiting. This is
indicative of a common cause and a common way to deal with the
cause. The body is a magnificent ecosystem and when it finds
abnormal and extraneous substances anywhere within its
domain, it creates a higher temperature, purposely, to overcome
the foreign proteins, toxic substances, viruses, bacteria or
other microorganisms. Whatever is upsetting the ecosystem must
be corrected by the organism itself. It needs no alien "cures."
The symptoms should not be "cured." To suppress these symptoms
assures that some other worse problem will develop.

Some substances, such as an excess of protein putrefactive
products, are so toxic that it is urgent to eliminate them
immediately. The papular eruption of smallpox is purposely
created and chosen as the correct channel at the time for the
elimination of these types of noxious substances. Furthermore,
the body may not have the specific enzymes to biodegrade
whatever it is. Instead of being taken care of by the liver or
the kidneys the body chooses to eject them through the skin.
Vicarious eliminations such as this are often natural emergency

Smallpox begins with chills, fever, backache, headache and
vomiting. A fever of l03 to l04 degrees F is customary. The high
fever increases the healing activities of the cells, and it is a
most efficient way to accomplish the needed detoxification. This
means that the toxins are now out of the functioning cells and
in the blood near the skin. The body no longer needs to speed up
cellular metabolism in order to cast out the extraneous
substances and the fever subsides. In about two days the fever,
and other symptoms subside. This is when the inflammatory rash
appears. It turns into an elevation of the skin called a papule.
The blister becomes dimpled or umbilicated. The rash and the
development of the papules indicate that the
irritants or toxic substances have been removed by the
hyperactive, feverish cells and carried to the skin to be cast

Next the little papules become vesicles, like a blister, except
that each papule has a little dimple in it. This is the so-
called stage that is supposed to be infective or contagious,
should anyone touch the person having smallpox. After the
vesicles are formed, they may become pustules filled with white
blood cells if the individual is extra toxic. The white
blood cells are there to destroy the toxins in the vesicles.
But, this stage would never be reached if cared for
hygienically. The papules dry up and form scabs that eventually
fall off. When treated improperly they will leave a scar.

It is pertinent to recognize that when the eruption begins, the
fever subsides. The patient would normally be on the road to
recovery were it not for the medications given by the doctor.
Medical treatment however, consists in using something that
kills the microbes which they assume cause the rash, so it has
to be something such as a disinfectant that destroys cell life.
This is consistent with their medical dogma.

Therefore, in the past, the profession applied gauze that had
been soaked in antiseptic solutions such as phenol (carbolic
acid) or bichloride of mercury ( aka mercuric chloride
and corrosive sublimate). Both these agents, carbolic acid and
mercuric chloride are corrosive.

After applying the gauze, soaked in either carbolic acid or
mercuric chloride, to the lesions, they were covered with more
gauze. Being tightly wrapped with gauze, the exudate from the
vesicle or papule was retained in the lesion and not allowed to
drain away when it ruptured. Naturally, bacteria are going to
invade this lesion to clean up the excreted matter.

This corrosive treatment also destroyed living tissues including
the protective phagocytic white blood cells and the surrounding
skin and subcutaneous tissues. A high second fever was urgently
needed to once again begin warfare on the extraneous poisons and
the invading bacteria.

Either of the two corrosive drugs used can now ooze its way into
the vital domain and impede normal function of all the cells in
the body; while completely annihilating many. Ugly black
confluent pustules mar the skin. The rash gets worse. Vesicles
turn into pustules. The pustules become swollen and more
inflamed. The inflammation around them spreads and the
lesions fuse together. These pathological effects were caused by
the drugs.

It is clear that the condition worsens because of the treatment.
The primary symptoms, i.e. the fever, chills, headache, and
backache were suppressed by pharmaceuticals. The stifling of
symptoms with medication prevented the body from completing its
job of cleansing, and increased the internal toxemia. As
a result, the umbilicated blisters with clear fluid in them
became pustules filled with dead and dying tissues and white
blood cells. The change to a pustule is the direct result of the
damaging effects of medications whether taken internally or
applied to the skin. It is incredible that the physicians did
not recognize the lethality of their practice. But, then,
they do not recognize it today either. They are blinded by
bygone theories.

These substances may have killed microorganisms but they also
killed human tissues and in reality caused the pustules and all
the terrible complications and symptoms thought to be caused by
the germ. Let me emphasize, the symptoms thought to be smallpox
are symptoms caused by the treatment. They were so yesterday
just as they are today and always will be in the future as long
as we insist on clinging to the idea that disease is
something "caught" and that symptoms must be gotten rid of by
unnatural means. As long as we try to eradicate disease with
anything, and especially man-made chemicals, we will suffer more
than if we merely put up with the symptoms.

All the various treatments to kill microbes which are "causing"
the disease, are killing the patient. They are not permitting
the body to eliminate toxins or restore the blood and tissues to
their normal healthy condition. All treatments, no matter how
benign they are claimed to be, impede the recovery process
itself. By using treatments of any kind and getting rid of
a rash by rash means, or to doctor it in any way, is the
disastrous blunder that causes horrible side-effects, more
disease and even death.

Hemorrhagic or what is known as "black smallpox" is an even more
serious type of smallpox and the patient often died. Again, this
serious type of smallpox was directly caused by the cell-killing
drugs. Pustules often developed in the throat and mouth. When an
acidic drug is placed on living tissues, it kills them. The skin
and mucous membranes are already inflamed and are less
protective than normal skin. Therefore, the destructive acids
can be absorbed and cause greater internal toxemia. Carbolic
acid or mercuric chloride caused the hemorrhaging of the skin
and also hemorrhaging into the pustule. Either of the corrosive
drugs also destroyed the kidney cells and caused bloody urine
noted in many hapless smallpox patients.

There were also many serious complications of this type of
treatment in addition to the common ordinary ones that were
erroneously thought to be symptoms of smallpox, but we won't go
into them now.

From time immemorial people have been frightened of disease. It
was a curse, an evil spirit, or evil demon that caused the
problem. Also from time immemorial people have thought it
necessary to exorcize the disease, to placate and appease the
evil spirit or demon, to give sacrifices to some god in order to
get the demon or evil spirit out of them. In modern times we do
the same. We have not grown in knowledge. We just put the evil
spirits in the magician's top hat and pulled out the evil germs
and evil viruses. We still exorcize, placate, appease, and
eradicate the evil microbe or evil virus. Whatever symptoms we
have, they are felt to be extraneous, foreign and not from us,
so they must be eradicated or extirpated. We still fear
death from the simplest of diseases. Whatever it is, it must be
extirpated or eradicated. We do it not with incantations but
with substances much more evil than anything used in the past.

Hygienic Care

If Hygienic care had been resorted to in the beginning of
smallpox no complications would have occurred and there would
rarely be a genuine pustule. With Hygienic management the
disease would not have to progress to the second stage with
pustules or a second fever. It would only become pustular if the
individual prevented drainage of the vesicle and continued
eating a heavy diet. The vesicles containing the unwanted debris
that was in the organs and tissues would burst. The clear fluid
containing the toxic substances would flow out onto the skin.
Frequent warm sponge baths would wash away all the poisonous
debris. The inflammation of the skin would heal and that would
be the end of the disease. There would be no horrendous
pustules, or other complications brought about by the

If individuals kept themselves clean, but did not take off the
scabs until they fell off naturally, there would be no unsightly
pock-marks. People are always too anxious to pull scabs away. To
do so is to expose the lesion to the atmosphere before the skin
has completely healed below it. The skin then has to quickly
heal over before it has completed restoring the underlying
tissues. This, naturally leaves a pit or scar. The extensive
boils and gangrene that regularly occurred would not have taken
place had no corrosive drugs been used.

If you think those symptoms are bad, and that we do not use any
medicine so lethal as corrosive sublimate and carbolic acid
today, you'd better rethink the problem. Today's drugs are even
more lethal because they are designed to be easily absorbed, and
to spread to every tissue and cell in the body and kill cells
all over the body. Do not put your hope in medical "care". The
only care you need is a healthy body and to let it do its thing.

You do not have to fear smallpox, even if you should develop it,
as long as you immediately quit eating and go to bed and rest,
drinking pure water only when thirsty. Smallpox is a disease of
the bon-vivant, epicurean, who overeats on a daily basis,
especially on animal foods. The condition of enervation is built
by anyone who does not secure sufficient rest and sleep
to permit the elimination of endogenic and exogenic toxins, and
for the restoration of the nervous system. Once the stage of
enervation is established digestion is further impaired and the
body is flooded with fermentation and decomposition products
from the intestines. This is what is called Toxemia, and
Toxicosis. Toxicosis makes it exigent and imperative
that these toxins be eliminated immediately by extraordinary
means, such as through the skin.

Every single cell in your body is capable of eliminating and
destroying various microorganisms and their waste products, as
well as man-made organic products, but most man-made products
are more toxic than those made by bacteria and they cause more
damage than bacterial waste products. It can be disastrous when
the body is overwhelmed by substances that do not belong
inside it, and which the body cannot use under any circumstance
of life. And this is what happens when diseases are "treated."
Your body is inundated with toxic substances and it may drown.


Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano graduated in l965 from the Texas
Chiropractic College, summa cum laude. After working at Dr.
Shelton's Health School for several years she went on to study
Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Medicine. In addition to her
Chiropractic degree she holds degrees in Homeopathy and
Medicine. When she was an undergraduate she studied Radiation
Biology at Trinity University, San Antonio and was the first
person to make the public aware of the dangers of ionizing
radiation through the many articles she authored on this
subject. Dr. Vetrano gives personal consultations by
telephone. For information you may write Dr. Vetrano at P.O. Box
l90, Barksdale, Texas 78828; or call 830-234-3499; or fax 830-

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., an internationally
known authority in the overlapping fields of public health,
behavioral science, emerging diseases, and bioterrorism. He
received his doctorate in medical dentistry from Tufts
University School of Dental Medicine in 1977, was awarded a post-
doctoral fellowship in behavioral science at the University of
Rochester, earned a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard
University, and another Master of Arts degree in health
education from Beacon College, all before joining the research
faculty at Harvard. Dr. Horowitz is best known for the
monumental national bestselling book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS &
Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?" (1-888-508-4787)

This article was provided
courtesy of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
and Tetrahedron Publishing Group
206 North 4th Avenue, Suite 147
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Toll free order line: 888-508-4787;
Office telephone: 208-265-2575;
FAX: 208-265-2775

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Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 11:42 pm:   

Vaccination News Home Page

Scandals "flashback" - 12/20/02

The more things change, the more they stay the same. (originally published 03/15/02)

The Thimerosal/SV40 Connection - Public Health's Ongoing Scandal

In spite of the known toxicity of thimerosal/mercury, vaccines containing it have not been recalled. Rather than being required to remove all existing stocks of mercury-containing vaccines, manufacturers and the FDA were merely "urged to work toward rapid reduction or elimination of mercury-containing preservatives in vaccines". Had the public not become aware of the fact that vaccines contain mercury, even this woefully inadequate step might not have been taken.

As if that wasn't enough, and ignoring the fact that "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence", it was apparently felt necessary to dilute further the already grudging support being given to the notion that mercury exposure should be reduced, because they went on to say: "When vaccines containing thimerosal have been administered in the recommended doses, hypersensitivity has been noted, but no other harmful effects have been reported". (this FDA statement is almost identical to their statement concerning the mercury toxicity from dental amalgams) This in spite of the fact that the FDA "determined that infants who receive thimerosal-containing vaccines at several visits may be exposed to more mercury than recommended by federal guidelines for total mercury exposure", and its known toxicity.

In any event, almost three years later, vaccines containing thimerosal are still available and being administered to infants. (Click here for more on mercury and vaccines.)

In an ironic, disgraceful twist, the flu vaccine, which also contains thimerosal, and was not included in the list of vaccines recommended to have it removed, is now being recommended for infants.

What might be the consequences of the zealous pursuit of vaccination, regardless of potential risks? One only has to look to the emerging polio vaccine story for a clue.

When, in pursuit of the elimination of polio via vaccination, it was discovered that a known animal carcinogen contaminated the vaccine, those vaccines containing the contamination were not recalled, for fear of “eroding confidence” in vaccines. Officially adopting what perhaps should be known as its ongoing “ostrich policy”, in its apparent belief that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, Public Health allowed existing stocks to be used up and the public to be kept uninformed.

Sadly, however, that was not to be the end of the story. Over the years there have been many journal articles on possible connections between SV40 and cancer, the most recent one linking SV40 to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. For many years, however, little research was being done, and what was being done, ignored. That is, until the report about 30 years later, of SV40 in children’s brain tumors, and the later accidental discovery that SV40-caused mesotheliomas in hamsters. (Apparently research showing SV40's presence in "human" brain tumors, as early as 1978, was not considered of great enough import to warrant increased investigation.) Now, although the question is being more aggressively studied, with more and more cancers being linked to SV40, there continues to be resistance from some quarters. (To read more, click here for the three excellent San Francisco Chronicle articles on this topic.)

Why were the questions about SV40 and cancer not vigorously pursued, from the very moment of its discovery in polio vaccines administered to millions of people?

What should this say about our blind faith in vaccination policy and the “experts” promoting it?

Sandy Mintz

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." - Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), paraphrasing John Philpot Curran (1808)

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Posted on Thursday, January 02, 2003 - 12:54 pm:   

According to J.H. Clarke's Dictionary of Materia Medica, Dr. Hahnemann also proved the remedy Thuja from the Arbor Vitae tree (The Tree of Life). It is a cure for VACCINOSIS. The following is a small quote from page 1420 of Volume 3 of the Third Edition:

"Boenninghausen found Thuja both preventative and curative in an epidemic of Smallpox. It aborted the process and prevented pitting.....These facts open up another great branch of Thuja's homeopathicity--its anti-vaccinal action. This extension was made by Kunkel and Goulon following up on Boenninghausen's experience with Smallpox. On this subject no one has written more forcibly or lucidly than Burnett (Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja) "Arbor Vitae: nomen omen says Burnett on his title page. And in his hands Thuja has indeed proved a tree of life to numberless sufferers from the vaccinal taint. By Vaccinosis Burnett means the disease known as Vaccinia, the result of vaccination, plus "that profound and often long lasting morbid constitutional state engendered by the vaccine virus". To this state Thuja is Homeopathic , and therefore curative and preventive of it..."
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Posted on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 10:18 pm:   

Date: Fri May 2, 2003 12:46:33 AM US/Pacific
Subject: 5-minute talk at local high school - "Pulling Back the World"

May 2, 2003 Jill Burcum Star Tribune Dear Ms. Burcum, How are you today?

After publication of your article on vaccination (, you're probably hearing from a lot of parties on both sides of the vaccine debate.

It so happens that, as the director of a nonprofit corporation advocating science-backed health measures, I am giving a presentation on vaccination this Tuesday at a local high school.

I thought you might be interested in the text of my talk, so I've included it below.

Best regards, Jock Doubleday "Pulling Back the World"

In the movie "The Matrix," Morpheus tells Neo what the matrix is. He says:

"It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."

Five years ago I founded the 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, which advocates among other things natural immunity.

Researching natural immunity entails researching artificial immunity, aka vaccination.

Vaccination science takes two forms: 1) controlled studies and 2)

"Epidemiology": the study of epidemics.

"Controlled study": You take two large groups of people, match them by age and other factors, and you vaccinate one group and don't vaccinate the other. Then you compare incidence of disease over a period of several years. That's a long-term study. Short-term studies don't give us any information about vaccination.

Now I'd like to ask you how many long-term controlled studies there are for all vaccines for all diseases in the world since the beginning of science.


Why there should be no long-term controlled studies on vaccination I am not going to speculate at this time.

So, if we don't have any long-term controlled studies, we're left with epidemiology to tell us about the efficacy of vaccination.

Epidemiology looks back into history at the rise and fall of disease. It is the science of body count.

I have charted disease incidence for the most famous diseases in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.

The numbers on which these charts are based are the unaltered, raw government data for the entire span of each disease.

[show 20 charts]

You see, natural immunity takes care of the disease in every case. Incidence of disease is falling, falling--then the vaccine is introduced at the very end of the disease's decline. Time and time again, vaccination takes credit for the eradication of a disease it didn't eradicate.

I have talked to a hundred doctors in the last five years and not one of them saw these graphs in medical school. When I show them the graphs, they say, "These numbers must be wrong." But these are the only numbers we have. These are the government numbers. There are no other numbers.

Three questions.

1. If vaccination doesn't work, why did disease incidence fall at the same time in so many different countries? Answer: public sanitation measures. Cleaner water, better living conditions.

2. Why aren't doctors shown these epidemiological graphs in medical school? I'll leave that answer to you.

3. Why aren't doctors told that Edward Jenner, inventor of vaccines, and Louis Pasteur, creator of the germ theory, were the Barnum & Bailey of medicine? Why aren't doctors told that these two men weren't scientists but showmen and hucksters? I'll leave this answer to you, too.

If you're interested in the specifics of Pasteur's hoax, read Ethel Douglas Hume's book, "Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine." Regarding Jenner, read Neil Z. Miller's book, "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?"

Real scientists and real science tell us that artificial immunity is an emperor with no clothes on. As far as real science is concerned, there is no evidence that you should vaccinate yourself or your children, ever, for any reason.

Science tell us that disease exists, and vaccination is not the answer.

"Matrix Reloaded" May 15th.

Thank you.


VACCINE SITES (The list of web sites (current as of May 2003) and other sources below are not to be construed as medical advice but constitute an informational public service on the part of the 501(c)3 California nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc. <>.

Note: Since its inception in July 1998, the nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man has been unable to locate any evidence of vaccine efficacy on any web site or in any book, article, or other source. If you discover evidence of vaccine efficacy, please contact Jock Doubleday at

* * *

Continued on a second post
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Posted on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 10:19 pm:   











CHILD ABUSE ("shaken baby syndrome") AND VACCINES











IMMUNE SYSTEM AND VACCINES (autoimmune disorders)


MMR VACCINE (Measles Mumps Rubella)





SIDS AND VACCINES ("sudden infant death syndrome")





Continued on a third post
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Posted on Saturday, May 03, 2003 - 10:20 pm:   

VACCINE ARTICLES articles .asp

VACCINE CHALLENGE (Jock Doubleday's)

VACCINE CHALLENGE (Viera Scheibner's)

VACCINE LINKS [300 links]




Jamie Murphy, What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization
Tim O'Shea, The Sanctity of Human Blood
Neil Z. Miller, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?
Robert Mendelsohn, How to Raise A Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor.
Walene James, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth
Ethel Douglas Hume, Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine
Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher, A Shot in the Dark: Why the P in DPT Vaccination May Be Hazardous to Your Child's Health
Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives
Harris L. Coulter, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain Viera Scheibner, Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System
Neil Z. Miller, Vaccines, Autism, and Childhood Disorders
Catherine J.M. Diodati, Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health



January 29, 2001 [The below offer now exists on 20 web sites. No U.S.-licensed MDs or pharmaceutical company CEOs are pursuing the offer at this time.] THE FOLLOWING OFFER is made to U.S.-licensed medical doctors who routinely administer childhood vaccinations and to pharmaceutical company CEOs worldwide.

Jock Doubleday, president of the California nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., hereby offers $20,000.00 (U.S.) to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additive ingredients in the same amount as a six-year-old child is recommended to receive under the year-2000 guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The mixture will not contain viruses or bacteria dead or alive, but will contain standard vaccine additive ingredients in their usual forms and proportions. The mixture will include, but will not be limited to: thimerosal (a mercury derivative), ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol (a disinfectant dye), benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant), formaldehyde (a preservative and disinfectant), and aluminum. The mixture will be prepared by Jock Doubleday, three medical professionals that he names, and three medical professionals that the participant names. The mixture will be body weight calibrated.

The participant agrees, and any and all agents and associates of the participant agree, to indemnify and hold harmless in perpetuity any and all persons, organizations, or entities associated with the event for any harm caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, to the participant or indirectly to the participant's heirs, relations, employers, employees, colleagues, associates, or other persons, organizations, or entities claiming association with, or representation of, the participant, by the participant's participation in the event. Because the participant is either a professional caregiver who routinely administers childhood vaccinations, or a pharmaceutical company CEO whose business is, in part, the sale of childhood vaccines, it is understood by all parties that the participant considers all vaccine additive ingredients to be safe and that the participant considers any mixture containing these ingredients to be safe.

The event will be held within six months of the participant's written agreement to the above and further elaborated terms. This offer, dated January 29, 2001, has no expiration date unless superseded by a similar offer of higher remuneration.

Contact Jock Doubleday at

Permission is granted to all parties to reproduce all or any part of the above text in any media in perpetuity.

[Jock's answer (to date) to inquiries re: his $20,000 vaccine offer] Dear [ ], Thank you for writing regarding the status of my $20,000.00 Vaccine Offer (

As of this date, there are no pharmaceutical company CEO candidates who are actively pursuing my Offer.

Two medical doctors, one from Ohio and one from Washington State, have sent hard copy documentation showing that they are indeed U.S.-licensed medical doctors who routinely administer childhood vaccinations. After receiving Part A of the contract detailing "further elaborated terms" as mentioned in the original January 29, 2001 Offer, they have dropped out of the running. None of the other 8 candidates who have contacted me by email has followed up with hard copy documentation, which is a prerequisite to the claiming of the reward.

A chiropractor in Germany has added his $200,000.00 "S Series 600" Mercedes (Brabus E V12) to my original reward (including shipping costs to the U.S.) The Mercedes has been named "The Fastest Four-Door Sedan in the World" by the editors of the Guinness Book of Records. Thus the reward is now $20,000.00 plus the Mercedes.

I am hoping that at least one person from each Western country will pledge to donate to the Offer a unique item such as the Mercedes. Then the Offer can be seen as a truly international endeavor.

Thanks again for writing.

Sincerely, Jock Doubleday President Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.
A California Nonprofit Corporation P.O. Box 1794 Ojai, CA 93024

The information contained in this email is not a substitute for professional caregiver advice.

Jock Doubleday is the author of Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not To Have Your Baby in a Hospital. He is also active in the international endeavor to bring the dangers of vaccination to light.

"The study of the evolution of disease patterns provides evidence that during the last century doctors have affected epidemics no more profoundly than did priests during earlier times. Epidemics came and went, imprecated by both but touched by neither. They are not modified any more decisively by the rituals performed in medical clinics than by those customary at religious shrines."
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Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2004 - 12:40 pm:   

For a list of regulations by state, see:
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Liz Janicich
Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 06:28 pm:   

after seeing a wonderful herbalist for nearly two years and feeling better than I had in years, All my progress came to a screeching halt when I was intimidated into having a tetanus shot after slicing my finger while cutting up carrots for juicing. I told the Dr. I had a question regarding the hsot and asked if it contained mercury (if I only knew then what I know now!) he gave me a standard party line and I thought he had answered my question, adding that mercury won't hurt you anyway!
The nurse assisting him said "It doesn't matter, you're getting this shot before you leave here today" This shot turned my life upside down. I missed work for a week, The day after the shot I had a fever of 102 and felt like I had been beaten. The arm where the shot was administered was so tender it couldn't be touched for a month. I dragged myself around (and still am) getting winded after simple tasks. After a lot of perusasion I went in so the Dr. could see me. HHMMM.....looks like you're having an allergic reaction! DUH! I called the admin office and asked if that batch could be traced, they said it could and found out for me that it did indeed contain mercury. I then registered a complaint and have had some big-wig trying to reach me.He left a message saying that he had talked to the clinicians involved. I'm sure they denied their part. He said he was going to send me a letter with his contact information in it. (don't know why he didn't leave his number) Anyway, this isn't over. I'm not sure what to do from this point. My health has taken a serious turn and I am furious that the incident hasn't affected the Dr. or the nurse at all. I am considering writing an article for our local paper, There are way too many innocent people out there who don't question these innoculations and those of us who have had these experiences need to present a HEADS UP whenever we can. Anyway, that's my story so far, I will update as it progresses
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Posted on Monday, August 08, 2005 - 09:32 am:   

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Terry Dumais
Posted on Monday, September 12, 2005 - 09:01 am:   

I am currently considering doing my Thesis on Immunizations and using detoxification to help people with the side effects from them. does anyone have any info or links i could access to help me in my research? thank!
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Posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2005 - 01:23 pm:   

Does anyone here realize how many people would be DEAD today if it weren't for widespread vaccination in this country. Seriously, you people have way too much time on your hands.

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