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Candida and MercuryIngrid03-26-02  02:45 am
Chronic CandidaIngrid03-26-02  02:52 am
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Candida albicans is a yeast infection affecting millions of people. This forum can be used as a place to discuss particulars of the disease and its management.

The e-mail that prompted the discussion of candida can be found at:

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Posted on Saturday, March 23, 2002 - 03:57 pm:   

Oh dear Ingrid, that made me very frightened,

I have 3 water: (Sun, Saturn, Venus) and 4 fire, (which includes Moon, which is in mutual reception to the Sun.) The rest is air (mercury is in Gemini and rules the Asc and Mc); no earth.

My water must be so deranged, my weight is out of sight -- (80 lbs to lose)

I had mercury removed from 1/4 of my mouth a year ago - cannot afford to go back for the rest right now since my plan does not cover it and $200 a tooth is a lot (I have a lot of mercury from living in England in my youth = bad dentistry)

but that estrogen would have knocked me silly -

Do ALL dentists use estrogenic compounds ????

- my (leading edge, alternative health as well)doctor had said he could not give me the usual amount of Tri-Est (natural estrogen with natural Progesterone 6%) becase of my weight and here I am getting mercury replaced with it - oh my ??

that strikes fear into my bones, I can never lose weight now can I ????

I find that really terrifing and my fire is so low I have no incentive to really DO anything about it - although I do a lot of planning and reading about it, and sorta trying, and I am TOTALLY addicted to sugar - it is like - 3 days max and I am climbing the walls, so why bother..... I give up and start again so so many many times...
I have used no protocol after the mercury removal....

in hope ..
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Posted on Saturday, March 23, 2002 - 06:29 pm:   

I'm going to post an article on the pairs of opposites in a little while:

Basically, what one needs to understand about the energetics is that they neutralize each other so you can use one energy to harmonize the one that is excessive, but first one needs to get to the cause of the imbalance.

If it is physical, such as excess estrogen due to hormones (one's own or one's that sneak into one's body through medicines, dental materials, plastics, and animal products), then one cuts down on the use of such "deranging" substances and/or balances the excess with its opposite.

When it comes to estrogens, opinion in quite divided because there are those who seek to antidote estrogen with testosterone, those who use progesterone, those who chelate out the estrogen (there are protocols for this), and those who use diet and herbs that are energetically opposite.

A friend of mine is currently researching the weight gain associated with composite fillings. I personally would hesitate before having any more of these put into my mouth. I think they are almost as dangerous as mercury depending on one's susceptibility to illness. Those who have neurological problems are probably better off with composites whereas cancer patients and diabetics might actually be better with mercury, but environmental dentists have ways of testing compatibility with some 200+ materials that are available to them. Most only keep 3-5 choices in their labs, but they can order anything a particular patient needs. They can do blood tests for compatibility, but some use forms of kinesiology.

My post was actually about candida, not about estrogen per se. For those persons with candida, they should definitely be aware of the hazards both of mercury and composites, and likely as not, they might end up with gold.

I know ever so many people whose symptoms reversed completely the minute the causes were found. One can seem to be on a one-way ticket to early senility and Alzheimer's and come out of the dental chair feeling like an Einstein or chess champion. It's this fast for some people. Likewise, people with ovarian cancer or environmental sensitivities have often gone into remission soon after addressing dental fillings in a manner that was correct for them. Unfortunately, I also know people who died within days or weeks after replacing mercury with composites.

At this point in my life, I would like to explore laser surgery because it is often possible to avoid anesthesia (which is carcinogenic, at least lidocaine is) and excessive trauma. Still, one has to choose a material for repairing the tooth and this really has to involve a professional dialogue with a responsible dentist.

As for the sugar cravings, they are related to chemistry also and they will disappear with the right protocols, not necessarily will power. Liver cleansing herbs gradually change the craving for sweets and the way they taste. After a serious liver detox, sugar tastes like the nasty chemical it is, and the craving for somewhat more wholesome sweets also declines, without resorting to hypnosis or acupuncture patches!

I'll get that piece written on the pairs of opposites so this comes into focus for you (and others.) Meanwhile, don't despair.

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