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Kitchen Doctor

The Ayurvedic system of taste and the elements is presented in a way that anyone interested can immediately begin applying the ideas so as to further constitutional balance through diet. Ayurveda makes a pont that every individual is born with a unique physical type, called prakriti. Through diet, thought, life style, and so forth, the body either maintains harmony or exhibits the symptoms of imbalance. Recognizing how we go out of alignment is the first step towards control.

Four 90-minute audio cassettes


In this era of constant pressure and the need to adapt to both environmental stressors and those mind imposes on matter, many of our most talented individuals are chronically fatigued and/or allergic to a host of foods and contaminants that undermine the our love of life. This lecture offers practical advice for regaining stamina and stability. It also contains some interesting psychological and shamanic material.

Two 90-minute audio cassettes per set

The Elements

The material covered on these tapes forms the foundation of my system of medical astrology.  Most of the other albums refer to the elements to some degree or other.The material is presented in such a way that no knowledge of astrology is required, but you will certainly want to know the sign of your Moon in order to get the most out of the talks.

Four 90-minute audio cassettes


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