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Lycium Berry Lycium Berry Smoothie

Smoothie Recipe
1 t. 
Finely ground milk thistle seeds or liquid extract
1/3 cup 
Lycium or goji berries berries
a little
Lemon juice (optional)


Grind the milk thistle seeds and soak in pure water overnight.  Put the lycium berries in a blender until well chopped up. Add the milk thistle seeds or liquid extract and the water in which they have been soaking. Add a little lemon juice.

Alternatives: use pineapple juice or pineapple-coconut juice.


Lycium berries are superb liver and blood tonics. They come in many grades. We provide only grade A berries (from China). Cheaper berries are available in many Oriental grocery stores, but we recommend using the higher quality berries. Milk thistle seeds are liver and regenerators. For best results, this formula or something comparable should be used regularly for about two years (liver cells live eighteen months) until the liver and blood are "rebuilt."


We have just received exquisite Goji berries from Mongolia. They are wildcrafted in the pristine valleys of Central Asia and provided by a doctor of Tibetan medicine whose research is supported by the sale of these exquisitely delicious berries.

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Lycium Berries

Image is of grade B
Chinese lycium berries

Lycium Berries from China, one pound, grade B


Lycium Berries from China, one pound, grade A


Milk Thistle Seeds

Milk Thistle Seeds

Milk Thistle Seeds, organic, whole, 4 oz.


GOJI Berry Tonic
Goji Tonic

Goji Tonic PDF


Mongolian goji berries, hawthorn berries, milk thistle seeds, astragalus root, galangal root, cinnamon bark in alcohol extract with glycerite.

Goji Berry Tonic, 4 oz. liquid tonic

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