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For information on the gall bladder and liver flush as well as the products described on this bulletin board, visit the main area of the site:


Gall Bladder Flush, Part IV

I am losing all faith in medical doctors. They seem to shrug it off when you tell them what symptoms you're having with "oh, that's normal". Since December, I've been getting these reoccuring symptoms. An ache/pressure under my lower rib cage on the right side. A LOT of gas. Rumbling in the intestines. A very lite stool, usually following by diahrea (one time the diahrea was dark in color). I then started to get "pinching" pains in the lower right rib that moved onto my side and around to the back. I also lose my appetite for a few days when this happens. I drink tons of juices during this time and try to eat soups. I had several tests in December (sonic gram, exray, blood tests for the liver / gallbladder) and everything was "normal" or "unremarkable" as they like to say now. The symptoms continued, so I had a CT scan a few weeks ago, also turning out normal. I then read on the internet that the symptoms I was having are pointed directly to gall bladder / liver stones. I tried the flush and couldn't believe I got a few hundred pea green colored stones/gravel out. I was shocked. My GP sent me to a GI who poked and prodded around the area, and even after telling him of all my symptoms, he exclaimed that he we was "stumped". I told him of the Stones that I flushed out, and he shrugged it off and said they were "fecal matter" because gravel doesn't float. He agreed to have them analysed if I bring them in, so I am going to do that tomorrow. He is also going to run a few more tests on me, but expects to find nothing. He seemed to think it is from "stress". He said lite stool is normal. He then suggested that I start sprinkling some "beano" on my salads for the gas, patted me on the head and patronisingly sent me on my way. I was egcasperated. How can a doctor not see that it's gall / liver stones when told of such specific symptoms?!

I'm now doing the parasite cleanse and have started to take "Stone Free". I will do another liver cleanse after I finish the parasite cleanse. I'll then do the Kidney cleanse. I'm also going to start throwing out all my toxic detergents and soaps in the house and replacing them with the "basics". I'm contemplating having my amalgams removed also.

In November, before the side ache began, I had to get off my Zoloft after being on it for 5 years because I started to get nervousness and an elevated heart rate. I then got bronchitis and was on antibiotics (zithromicin). That's when the side aches started.....

Thanks, David

David, I've had similar experiences, although I did not pass as many gall stones as you. I am using Stone Free with good results. The more I find out about the liver and gall blander, the more I discover how it impacts health. (Brochitus is one example)

I have not been to a doctor for 2.5 years. A number of things precipitated this, among them adverse effects to prescriptions and even the unethical behavior of physicians. It only takes a desire to do some investigative research on the Internet to find out what is wrong with the medical profession (and many of its most vocal critics are MD's themselves).

Listen. This is a true statement: there are natural and herbal medicines analogous to nearly every pharmacuetical that will accomplish the same objectives and far safer. There is also enough information in print and on the web that will allow a patient to perform a self diagnosis. I have even cured myself of an ingrown toenail, and numerous other diseases. (Bee propolis, goldenseal, oregano extract, colloidal silver, garlic -- these are only a few common remedies). Also, I highly recommend chiropractic treatment if applicable (it was in my case).

The extensive diagnostic techniques and testing procedures used today are mostly CYA and intended to protect physicians from legal exposure. Get ready, because pharmacuetical companies have about 5,000 more tests that they wish to market. Personally, I have found that all of these tests create enormous psychological stress, many of them are inaccurate, and do very little good for the patient. I personally know people who spend most of their time going back and forth for medical tests, and spend the rest of their time worrying, and then they have to fiddle with the insurance companies. We will do far better if we do our own research, get proper nutritional balance, and let the body heal itself.

Here is an indispensable book to have. It's called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing":


Then do a search for the book.

Well, it's dump on doctors day on the board, isn't it. I don't want to add fuel to the fire, but I received the summary of a soon to be published journal article in which it will be stated unequivocably that correctly prescribed pharmaceutical medicines are the fourth leading cause of death.

As for the above-mentioned book, we carry it in the online store and would greatly appreciate the support, not that Amazon doesn't also want your patronize, but I believe they are making a profit now and that's more than you can say for us!

I need some help. My wife has gall stones and or at least one stone. Her stone was measured at 4.4cm (rather large). She is worried the flush will move her stone and block her gall bladder, causing more problems. She is scheduled to go to a gall bladder class prior to surgery. She is in alot of pain currently. Can the flush cause complete blockage due to the size of her stone. As far as we can tell she has had gall bladder attacks for over ten years. Of course up until last week she was mis-diagnosed.

Thus far, no one has had a blockage. No one can explain this either. The flush has been used by countless practitioners and patients for decades if not a hundred years and I have never heard of the slightest problem.

However, a person can take the Stone Free, drink the apple juice, and then decide whether or not to do the flush. I recently had an intense time with someone who decided to use orthophosphoric acid and coke in addition to the olive oil and lemon juice. This, while recommended on many web sites, seemed to make things worse for this individual. Others have taken epsom salts. This does help with spasm. Drinking the olive oil and lemon juice through a straw is easier for some people. Lying on one's side, immediately afterwards, with the legs drawn up towards the chest helps some people also. No one can agree on which side to lie on and there is no accord on whether to pull both legs or only one towards the chest. The purpose is to stretch the affected area to allow easier passage of the stones.

Some people pass hundreds of stones and then a week later, they repeat the flush and pass hundreds more. These stones are presumably sliding out of the liver into the gallbladder which can keep filling up. Off the board, people have described repeating the flush as many as 4-5 times, always with results but less and less results.

If someone is taking a class, I'd think the doctor is not in a hurry, not considering the situation an emergency, and there is still time to drink a lot of apple juice!

Good luck!!

I did the flush back in around November of last year, first time I don't know why I did it this way but, took it after breakfast well what a waste of time and energy. Second time I did it early in the morning, and used a straw this time, it work very good I saw plenty of green stones in there. My horrible pain was gone, now I begin to have pain again, going to try it again. For those people out there that have not tried it,wanted to let you know it does work it's not going to be like earting a cake but better than going in for surgery. Ingrid I wanted to thank you for having this website, if it wasn't for this I don't know how I would come up with the money for surgery, being a single mom of a 3 year old, or even finding the time off work to get it done. Thanks again and may God Bless You!

Thank you and glad you have discovered this. My friend had to do the treatment several times before she was out of the woods (and she had been scheduled for surgery.) What we are learning is that once the gallbladder is empty, it may fill up again with stones from the liver. Eventually, you pass all of these and then it's a highly individual matter how long it will be before you make more stones.

Take care!

Hi, just wanted to say God bless you for this site. After several months of pain and then an ultrasound, I was diagnosed with gallstones.That was in January.I was supposed to have surgery but I did the flush and got a few small stones, did it again 2 days later and got lots and lots of stones. Including some large (as big as my thumb)stones !!!! Went to my regular Doctor and he was very interested in what I was doing. He told me to monitor my tempature for fever and if I got in really bad pain to come in, but otherwise to come back in 6 weeks... I did the flush again after about a week ( some small stones ) and then a forth time three weeks later and got "sand". It was not an easy time and some of the large stones took a day more to pass than the small ones did. But it was never painful .I also got quite emotional for a day or two after the flush, kind of feeling blue and out of sorts.After that I felt great. I can hardly believe all that stuff was in there!!!!! My gallblader must have been really inlarged . I also don't have phlem like I used to and I have totally gone to a low fat diet. My husband and I are vegetarians anyway, but cheese was my weakness but not anymore. I also included seafood in my diet, and shrimp was my favorite, But I won't eat them anymore too. Not after what I went through. Thanks so much for giving me the information I needed to get well ...Thank you

Hey, thanks! I can always use a blessing, and it's wonderful to hear the excitement in your post!

Take care!

Ok. I've gone to docs for 6 years, and they have even gone so low as to tell me that it's all in my head. My scans and sonograms are normal. Still, I do my own homework, and I have learned from several sources online that sometimes gall stones are not identified on sonograms etc. So, today I went to an herb store, and they copied a flush similar to the one Ingrid lists here in this website, only this one calls for epsom salt and grapefruit juice (fresh). In this website, I believe it says that you don't have to go on a fat free diet before taking the flush. The other source, "The Cure for all Diseases", suggests not eating any fat all day, do not eat after two pm., and suggests a parasite cleansing flush before doing the gall stone flush. My question and concern is, do I have to wait another day before I start this? I've already eaten fats today, and I do not wish to do the parasite flushing a week prior to the gb flush. I want to get this over with!

As for the docs that I visited for the past several years, they ALL try to put me on anti-deppressants. The only reason is because feeling like crud 24/7 causes depression. They think that depression causes me to feel ill. HONESTLY, I THINK THEY ARE ALL SPUN. I know myself better than they do, and my mind is so open, unfortunately, theirs is not. Being sick causes depression, but rather than treating depression, I'D RATHER CURE THE PROBLEM. I am sick of them pawning pain pills off on me, and giving no diet advice whatsoever, except one indian doc (the most helpful, but still not cured). He told me not to eat no fat. That is really hard with family around. I hope this flush helps...

There are variations on the flush. When I find something that works and is safe, I tend not to look for other strategies. Instead, I focus my creativity on problems that are harder to solve (read what I have on http://www.cancersalves.com.)

The epsom salts reduce spasm and make the passage of the larger stones easier. If you do this, you need also to go to bed immediately and pull your knees up towards your chest for half an hour.

One variation called for mega amounts of whipped cream. I had never heard of it before, but it worked for the person who told me about it (but she also used the epsom salts and the Coca Cola and the orthophosphoric acid.)

On my site, there is a hideous picture of a gallstone with a parasite going straight through it. It makes one sick to imagine such hitchhikers are hooked into us, but if one sees such a creature, one becomes really resolved to take the measures necessary to regain health, be one's self again, and maybe send a picture of a crow to the folks who believe that hypochondria is a more prevalent illness than real problems.

Good luck and check back in with us after you bite the bullet.

Hi again. I have been reading about parasites, because the copy of Cure of all Diseases, the copy of the flush pages that the herb store gave me, in the beginning it says you must not flush before you do the parasite cleansing. My animals have had parasites, so I am concerned. Being the sign of the archer, I must aim my bow to the exact before I shoot. I am going to go back to the store and find out more information on the parasite cleansing, and why they didn't copy that page for me. To my understanding, if we don't get rid of the parasite that causes the blockage, thus forming gallstones, then we will have to repeat the flush over and over. These parasites that cause reoccuring diseases, such as cancer. Eliminate them, then do the flush is what I'm interested in, although I am anxious to start.

Thank you for getting me started on my research! It has always been my best advice to myself to read all information provided by different people, then to summarize all the information to my best knowledge. Sort of like religion!

What really caught my attention about parasites, I forgot which website, but one of them said that (concerning gallstones) parasites can cause extreme discomfort, including in your back and right arm. That really trips me out because my arm hurts so bad sometimes I am useless. If parasites are what cause us to grow ill and ache, then thanks to you and the other docs and such, I have come up with my own theory...

Fibromyalgia is what docs tell me I have just because they are unable to detect anything, including parasites. Although I read that they are often undetectable, so it won't hurt me to try the parasite program, then the flush. My theory being, maybe, there is a good chance that fibromyalgia is a mystery disease because parasites are what cause the aches and pains...parasites can invade the entire body, making us hurt in different areas at different times. I feel so sick right now, and even worse at night, and I read that docs, especially in the USA, are so much into modern medicine that they just prescribe antideppressants and painpills, thus covering up the real problem, the parasites that cause all diseases.

I am not religious, but I do observe and study. A religious friend of mine w/fibromyalgia pointed out that in the bible, it says "beware of the wormwood and the gall", and since I have shared my information with her, she really believes me when my husband and other friends think that it's bogus. What's more, about 4 yrs ago, a 'fortune teller' told me everything that has happened, that is how I know I am on the right track, I FEEL I am. She said something about parasites, our link was miraculous, and she also said that only one person will believe me, and that is my religious friend...

We are all part of one, and we cannot obtain truths without each other.

Thankyou! I love you!! All

In my years of study on parasites, I have seen a truly tremendous variety of creatures, from the ones that cause diarrhea and dysentery to the ones that cause elephantiasis. To some extent, there are common denominators, but there are also some truly simplistic out there in the popular press so I deleted your link (and will state for the record that I generally do this unless the links lead to a level of knowledge that greatly exceeds what is offered on this site -- for instance the new list of links on vaccinations that I posted on:


A chiropractor once described varmints crawling out of hole in his forehead that he had created using an escharotic salve. He had been battling brain cancer for 12 years at the time this happened. So, really, parasites can set up domiciles almost anywhere and while generic protocols seem to help some people, they are often not what they are cracked up to be . . . and it is also really foolish to think one can rid oneself of such a problem in a short time.

So, while I am happy to draw attention to the issue, I want to avoid exaggerated claims for efficacy as well as flat-footed pronouncements that give rise to false hopes.

Parasites are many of them commensural, meaning they are exquisitely adapted to survive in the places they are. Many of them secrete/excrete toxins that are of varying degrees of harmfulness and when they die, there are often perforations, organ weaknesses, infections, and other problems that need to be addressed. As if these weren't sufficient causes for concern, some organisms, such as yeast, keep some heavy metals in check so when you eliminate candida, the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning get worse . . . and if you eliminate the mercury and aluminum, the candida gets worse.

It's very complicated but since, as you point out, doctors are generally failing to diagnose these problems, people have to do what they can to eliminate the parasites . . . but they should take this work seriously.

About a month ago, I woke in the night with extreme pain in my chest and back. Not knowing what was wrong, I rushed to the ER. The pain subsided in about 45 minutes. Since then, I've had an ultrasound which revealed many small gallstones. A HIDA scan came back normal, which I understand to mean there is no blockage.

Prior to my attack a month ago, I had no other symptoms, and have had none since. My doctor's advice is to do nothing at this point. Would I benefit from trying the Stone Free and the apple juice fast. Or should I try the flush and see what happens?


The choice is yours. Basically, I prefer to see people approach the flush with a little more preparation and caution, but I honestly have never heard of anyone experiencing difficulty when jumping in feet first and doing the flush. If you read all the posts here and the material on the main part of the site, you know there are options as to how you do the flush.

Best wishes

Hello. I have almost completed my parasite cleansing (part one). I am almost ready to get started on my gall bladder flush. I can't wait. Cleansing the parasites has rid me of alot of joint and traveling pain. It is important to build the flora back up. I will obtain more information on this. I used to hurt, for years, on my entire right side. It started in the ab, right under the rib and eventually my entire right side hurt from head to toe. Now my pain is gone, but I still feel the pebbles when I touch. I am just happy that I can use my right arm and leg again, when I have been bed bound for so long...The diet helps too. When I first started the cleanse, 13 days ago, my skin cleared immensly. (Easter rolled around and I finally allowed myself chocolate, and now my skin looks good from afar, but close up, I can feel roughness, like clear rash). I lowered my doses, and using vit.e oil.

Two more days and I will do the GB flush. Granny Smith apples are very good with this cleanse, and with the flush. I am so happy with my results so far. I've even lost 8 pounds. I can't wait to get this aquarium out of my body! Bioterrorism is a major concern of mine also. It is not addressed in the media, not even close enough to how important it really is...

Go for the GB Flush! I know a lady down the street that had remarkable results, and she didn't even do a parasite cleanse first. (this, I chose to do since my cats have so many on them). I even a cleanse for them, and I'm happy to say, my cat that urinates unwillingly everywhere daily, has now stopped doing that! I wonder, is it possible for animals to have gall stones? (strange question, I know, but I am curious...)

You sound great.

I would comment on bioterrorism, but I get these notices . . . I have said as much as is permitted under this administration!

Friday night Flush

I did a flush last night, results this morning...I think I need to repeat it in like two weeks, although I did have some good results...My main pain has lived under my right rib for years, and now it has moved down some. I personally think that since it's accumulated for so long, that all of the stones couldn't possibly all be eliminated together...

Ingrid, is it ok to do this flush in two weeks? I used grapefruit and olive oil, and it actually went down very smoothly, and quicker than I anticipated. Within the first twenty minutes, I felt mild 'contractions', my tummy hard as a rock.

Thankyou for all your knowledge shared here...

Some people will continue to have "results" for a day or two, but it is perfectly all right, even advisable under certain circumstances, to repeat the flush in two weeks.

I'm curious as to why you used grapefruit instead of lemons?

Best wishes!

I decided on grapefruits because after I viewed zillions of recipes, I understand that grapefruit is the only one that makes the oil watery! (actually didn't taste bad). Plus, I chose it because I've been eating lemons for a while, and got sick of them, just thought grapefruit might taste better...Unfortunately, I also did the epsolm salt recommended w/this flush, which was more horrid than the 'results'. I am curious, if I can do w/o the epsolm salt next time! As I notice, your recipe (and some others) did not recommend this. I do prefer natural laxatives, but at this time, I am unaware of any.

Have you ever heard of a large stone, or cluster moving down, but not passing?

Thankyou again, I love your site! I just wish I had more time (and less pain), to be able to view the entire thing...little at a time I guess...

The epsom salts are useful for those who have a lot pain and spasm. "My" strategy is softer than that of many. It goes with my healing philosophy in general. My cancer formulas are gentler; my gallstone approach is gentler. In this world, lots of people are in a hurry. If you skip the Stone Free and apple juice, it might be a good thing to be prepared for a bit more spasm. Even so, I do not know of anyone who failed in this method.

Yes, I had a long talk with an MD recently and she was full of horror stories, but not of olive oil and lemon juice flushes, just of hypothetical scenarios in case a stone bursts through the gallbladder. I'm sure they see these situations in hospitals, but the flush does not cause such complications. Procrastination and indecision are what lead to complications. I truly understand that someone may not want surgery and may not want something else, but the clock is ticking whether we find something agreeable or not.

Still, with this particular condition, a handful of Stone Freeusually gets one through the night and the new day brings new opportunities to become decisive.

Keep us posted.


I have been experiencing all the classic symptoms of gall stones except one. I don't get pain after I eat, It generally starts in the morning and last till the afternoon. This time span seems to be growing. I will be getting an ultrasound soon to find out for sure whats happening.

Is the "pain after you eat" a symptom that always accompanies gall stones or is it "optional". Until I get my ultrasound results I will be wondering about this. If I do have gall stones. I plan on embracing this protocol hole heartedly. My sister just had gall bladder removed I don't think she had enough knowledge or time to avoid it. Thanks for your help, Ingrid.



The pain usually starts relatively soon after eating, but I know people for whom there was a delayed reaction of 6-8 hours, not 12 hours. However, the pain is often very specific to certain foods that are harder to metabolize. Therefore, what you eat at breakfast or lunch may be more challenging to digest . . . or, your symptoms may be related to something else.

Best wishes

One more question. If eating fatty foods is what triggers the pain, then it would seem that drinking lots of olive oil would really bring it on. I havent read of any of the other folks having an issue with the olive oil. If it causes you to pass the stones you must feel something. Any thoughts on that?

Oh, this is actually a very good question. I am guessing that the huge difference is in the quality of the oil and the fact that French fries cooked in ancient oil are a completely different issue than raw olive oil. Others can feel free to chip in here, but most people actually eliminate quite a bit of oil, suggesting that the oil truly lubricates and allows things to slip out more easily.

Another point I'd like to make is that there are cholesterol stones and bile salt stones so it has never seemed evident to me that same diet addresses both of these issues. With the flush, it's also interesting because years ago, almost everyone reported passing the darker, greenish-black stones whereas recently more people have been describing what would seem to be cholesterol stones with just a bit of the darker sludge, already semi-liquid. I'm still scratching my head trying to make perfect sense of this.

This much does seem right to me: the bile salts are basically more harmful because, as anyone who has ever vomited or had acid reflux knows, bile is a nasty chemical. However, the cholesterol stones are probably cause a higher level of obstruction and secondary discomfort and pain due to the blockage and spasm and pressure.

Flushing out all of this is kind of like a super good oil change in your car, you know the one you planned to do six months ago but kept putting off!

Sorry to report--my flush didn't work. I don't know exactly what I expected but all I had was one small liquid b.m. without stones.

I did use grapefruit juice instead of lemon-just because that one person said it mixed better and tasted better-mixed with 2 cups extra virgin olive oil from health food store. Took me from 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. to finish it. Some gurgling-not much. No pain, no spasms. A little nauseated when I stood up but nothing serious. Lord knows I won't be able to look at olive oil for a heck of a long time!

Has anyone else reported lack of success? What was their next step? Or do I just give up and see the surgeon?

Last time someone wrote this to me (in a private email), he sent another the next day reporting a delayed event.

It's possible there aren't any stones, but let's give it another day and wait to see. I honestly have no idea about the grapefruit . . . it doesn't sound right to me because the chemistry is different.

Ingrid, I have just faxed an order for Stone Free because your online store does not appear to be working.

I've had much success with Stone Free, but I'm not out of the woods yet. You may recall that I experienced a gall bladder flush in late January. Since then I have been taking Stone Free on a regular basis, and did another flush last month (wherein a great quantity of oil was passed but no stones).

The progress is basically this: less discomfort, less mucus, no phlegm, greatly reduced allergies, improved digestion. With Stone Free I experience periodic passing of greenish sludge. There are highs and lows, it goes back and forth depending mostly on diet.

I am acutely more aware of the foods that I eat. For example, KFC fried chicken gives me much distress, which can be partly relieved by Stone Free. This past weekend, I noticed that Pizza Hut is giving me the same kind of distress. It appears to be because of the cheap cooking oil that these franchises are using.

Based upon the fact that initial onset of symptoms started in 1999, I am guessing that there was (is) a great deal of junk in my liver/gall bladder. Some of it periodically comes out, but because it is still full, the discomfort remains, though it is no longer constant. Obviously I'm not as careful about my diet as I should be. I've just passed my 47th birthday and suddenly realized I'm not a youngster anymore. Damn.

Anyway, my question is basically if one uses Stone Free generously for 2-3 months, can we assume that things are so emulsified that you wouldn't get stones passed, just occasional sludge/oil? In other words, does protracted use of Stone Free accomplish almost the same thing as a flush?

At any rate, my instincts tell me to keep using Stone Free until I have achieved a level of balance and relief.

I have also noticed that the distress is more pronounced when confronting job difficulties or when my 3-year old son is misbehaving. I guess there is no surprise there, except that for some reason the stress gets localized in my liver-gall bladder. As you might guess, I'm trying to practice the Tao in tandem with my search for harmony in the body. Perhaps some of the chakras are blocked.

Thanks for all your efforts.



I wasn't aware that there were problems with the online store, but it's slow responding to input.

When under stress, the adrenals secrete hormones that suppress the secretion of gastric juices as well as reproductive hormones. You might say that in order to deal with the demands of stress, one borrows from Peter to pay Paul; one has to get the extra energy for coping from somewhere. So, this pattern is not unique to you but basically to everyone with greater or lesser symptoms depending on the basic constitutional type, duration of the stress, and diet.

The cooking oils used in most fast foods restaurants are bad for a number of reasons. Besides the quality, there is the fact that the oils are used at high temperatures for long periods of time. Pesticide residues and all sorts of hazards lurk in these oils. I heard some years ago that one trick that chefs have to restore oil to a cleaner looking substance is to cook some potatoes in the oil. The potatoes, according to what they said, wick up the unhealthy substances in the oil and the chefs serve the potatoes and keep using the oil. It's a nightmare.

Your main question was whether continued use of Stone Free would turn stones to sludge so that you never see the marbles others have described when you do a flush. This is what has happened to me and everyone else who approached this more gradually. You miss the experience of seeing the stones and of feeling that guzzling down the oil paid off, but you have no distress at all. My raw estimate from reading the posts to this board is that only about 10% of people who have decided to tackle their stones in a nonsurgical way are bothering to take Stone Free . . . and it's obviously working both for those such as yourself as well as the more daring or desperate ones.

Thanks for the response, Ingrid. That confirms my own experience with Stone Free. The flush is okay but I think I'd rather do Stone Free with occasional flushes. It's hard to get down that olive oil.

It's a good idea to avoid fast food as much as possible, considering your anecdotal story. Yuck.

As for stress, it appears that my gut feeling (no pun intended) was right. There is a biological/psychological connection. All the more reason to continue my breathing exercises and positive affirmations.

Thanks again.

I might make a comment on affirmations. The idea behind this is to shift circumstances in a favorable way, right?

I have a very interesting lecture called Fate: Destiny or Karma? My belief is that the moment is an intersection between spiritual intent and psychological forces. You cannot overwrite the content of the subconscious if it doesn't believe you.

Let's say you are allergic to a food. You decide to tell the subconscious that you aren't allergic. The subsconscious takes you for the fool you appear to be, someone who is completely out of touch with reality, so it reacts to your command to ignore what it knows to be fact by staging a violent reaction.

The other way to deal with this is to listen to your subsconscious and ask it to share its knowledge and understanding.

I can get facetious at times, but when a dog barks and tells you to be careful of someone, our normal reaction is to tell the dog to stop barking, not to ask why he feels the need to warn you. Most of us have a pack of critters in the subconscious who would like to put in their two cents worth.

And that's my two cents for today!

I have done the gall bladder flush and the green pea-like objects came out. I was quite surprised how effective it was.

I started by going for five days on the Lemonade Diet (lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne mixed in filtered water). During that time the only other things I consumed were psyllium husk and a colon cleanser containing Aloe, dandilion etc. So I had no fat for five days.

On the end of the fifth day I drank about a mug of olive oil mixed with juice of two lemons.

It worked!

I wish doctors would not be so set against this sort of thing, when it's clear that it helps people to feel better. Maybe they like carving us up!

Hi, I have been on a long anticipated juice fast for a week now for more reasons than just my gall stones. I have also been on the stone free during this time with mostly apple juice. I'm happy to report that I have experienced a big reduction in pain. However, I think I made a booboo. Today I drank a big glass of carrot juice and then I got a very acute recurrence of the pain for 2 hours. I'm back on apple juice and getting ready to swan dive into the flush. I'm encouraged by reading all the other victories. I will report the good news if any later.


Good luck, Greg!

Ingrid, your thoughts on affirmations echo my own. It does seem that, in the space and time continuum, we are slowly creating our own reality. Conversely, on the astral plane, thought activates reality instantly, while it takes longer on the earth plane.

My own daily affirmation is this: "I am alive right now. Therefore, the life force is stronger than the death urge. I will continue to strengthen the life force and weaken the death urge, and go on living."

Once I lived with the reality that escalating allergies were inevitable. Now they are all but gone, due to the gall bladder flush and Stone Free. This has also liberated a part of me that was becoming fatalistic. Right now I'm struggling with the big Five-Oh, as I am 47 and my father died at 50. Coupled with parental disapproval syndrome, it's been a tough psychological battle. Perversely, his death created forces that pushed me into the same circumstances that killed him -- namely, the concoctions of the medico-pharmacuetical complex (which I swore off in 1999). Regardless, the big Five-Oh remains as a kind of bogeyman that I must get over.

Interestingly enough, I became familiar with those subconscious "critters" last year when my shaman friend in Oregon did a remote soul retrieval with me. I called it a defrag program for the human psyche. There really are fragments of the soul that, due to trauma or other circumstances, decide to flee or exist in paralysis. Certainly in my case there were many, and she (the shaman friend) identified each episode and circumstance without any prompting.

I think my spirit animal is an elephant BTW.

I'm now a gallbladder flush survivor. Broke juice fast Sunday, began flush Sunday night.
Drank a cup & 1/2 olive oil + 2 lemons. Also used a little epson salts. What a ride! In the morning I felt really sick. Around mid day had a bal movement that produced waxy green globs of all sizes. I thought this was just digested olive oil. However the acute pain I was in has been greatly reduced so something must have happened that was good. I'm still not scheduled for my ultra sound till the 26th. Thanks again for all wisdom. You cant always depend on the public health systems. Looks like I now won't be going to the ER anytime soon.

Thanks for the website! Actually, I found it due to the diagnosis of my (very cool) homeopathic doctor by telling him what I was experiencing.

I'm a Reiki practitioner, and last Thursday I suddenly got a sharp pain vertical to the right side of my body. I kept seeing this "nub" in my side even after eating and drinking and there was no pain. I performed Reiki and felt my hands grow VERY hot, which is an indication that energy is needed in that area. I made an appointment with my doctor and by the time I got there, my shirt was wet from perspiration from the heat of Reiki. I told him during meditation, I saw a small bright red "marble." He pressed and pressed and after telling him there really was no pain, he concluded that I had "gall bladder congestion." As far as we both could tell, I don't have gall stones, but the gall bladder is full. He recommended that I find the apple juice fast online and I found your site. At this writing, I'm post oil and lemon treatment by 5 hours and have noticed some "flexing" of my gall bladder as well as some heating of it. I did gag on the oil (as I keep away from a lot of fried, fatty, oily substances) and managed to get down most of it. (9/10)

Will I be able to pass this bile despite the fact I'm on a fast? When is it okay to eat? Also, is Stone Free available anywhere in a store? (I'm in Chicago.)

Otherwise, what should I experience while this concoction is making it's way down? I'm slightly nauseous, but I think that's due to the oil. Plus, I've been trying to sleep, but the movement inside me is actually getting into my dreams (LOL!) and waking me up!

And thanks for the info. I hope to avoid any problems in the future with your information.


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