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Midlife Tune Up Program

Introduction to the Mid-Life Tune Up Program:

In order to assure as much health and vitality as possible, I devised a program for tuning up the body that is comparable to the maintenance we provide our other assets and treasures.


The detoxification aspect of the first phase of the mid-life tune up program involves the lower intestines, a much neglected and hugely important part of our body, a place where many diseases have their origin or where what is needed for rejuvenation is lacking.

Parasites: Annual Cleanse?

Adrenal Exhaustion: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Allergies

Recipe for Black Bean Soup



Adrenal ExhaustionAdrenal Exhaustion

Two 90-minute audio cassettes
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Mid-Life Tune Up Program Index || Introduction || Starting

Introduction, Ingrid's first exposure to Ayurveda || Vata Dosha

Adrenal Exhaustion || Parasites


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