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Ingrid's Biography and Introduction to Ayurveda
Introduction to Kitchen Doctor

Adrenal Exhaustion: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Allergies
Recipe for black bean soup

Gallbladder Flush
The Liver and Gallbladder
Boldo tea
Archives from Bulletin Board on Gall Bladder Flush, Parts I-4

Excess Estrogen: Pills, Pesticides, Petroleum, and Plastics

Cilantro, an aid to oral chelation of mercury
Thimerosal, mercury additive in vaccines
Black Walnut, anthelmintic, especially for tapeworms
Parasite Cleanse

Protocol for jet lag and relieving the effects of radiation and jet fuel inhalation

Alzheimer's Disease: aluminum, the neurotoxin

Black Cumin, a ancient panacea with modern scientific support

Black Walnut, anthelmintic, especially for tapeworms

Capsules, vegetarian gelcaps for those concerned about Mad Cow Disease

Cilantro, for oral chelation of mercury, aluminum, and lead

Excess Estrogen:
Pills, Pesticides, Petroleum, and Plastics

Flower Reverence, The Blessings of Essential Oils

Four Thieves, Historic Anti-Plague Remedy

Galangal, for deafness, heart problems, and infection

Lavender, bites, gangrene, disinfection, and aroma!

Pairs of Opposites, fire-water balance and metabolism

Propyl Alcohol, Toxins in Cosmetics, Cleaning Agents, and Medications

Soap 101: History of Shampoo and Soap

St. John's Wort, for depression and anxiety


Introduction, Ingrid's first exposure to Ayurveda

Chyawanprash, India's foremost rejuvenative tonic

Detoxification, an Ayurvedic Perspective

Digestion, introduction to the Ayurvedic concept of digestive fire

Hinga Shtak, potent digestive aid and vermifuge

Kicharee, recipe for restoration of body function

Ayurvedic Parasitic Protocols

Taste and the Elements

Olfactory Sensations and the Earth Element

Churnas, Ayurvedic medicinal and culinary powders

Kapha Dosha, the water element and congestion

Vata Dosha, the wind element, invisible culprit

Pairs of Opposites

Ayurvedic Toothpastes

Complete List of Ayurvedic Products


Introduction to the Mid-Life Tune Up Program:

In order to assure as much health and vitality as possible, I devised a program for tuning up the body that is comparable to the maintenance we provide our other assets and treasures.


The detoxification aspect of the first phase of the mid-life tune up program involves the lower intestines, a much neglected and hugely important part of our body, a place where many diseases have their origin or where what is needed for rejuvenation is lacking.


Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, books on medicinal aromatherapy

Capsules, vegetarian gelcaps for use with diluted oils

Clove Oil, its use with dental pain and infection

Clove Oil, its use with parasite programs

Essential Oils, E-sutras and Snow Lotus Essential Oils

Flower Reverence, The Blessings of Essential Oils

Immunity, how to assess the role of essential oils

Lavender : bites, gangrene, disinfection, and aroma!

Olfactory Sensations and the Earth Element

Oregano Oil Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Quintessence: Essential Oils, A Brief Introduction

Wild Oregano Oil

Online selection of essential oils and books

Vegetarian Capsules and Capping Devices


Audio Cassettes

Book Catalogue


Oregano Oil Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Wild Oregano Oil

Monsanto's Hormonal Milk, Serious Risk for Breast Cancer

Contamination of Native Corn in Mexico by GMO Crops

Much of European Rainwater is Unfit to Drink

pH Balance

Thimerosal, mercury additive in vaccines

Health Risks of Common Chemicals used in Cosmetics


Black Turtle Bean Soup, for stamina and kidney strength, diuretic

Cooking Oils, 30% improvement in diet with no effort

Lycium Berry Smoothie, for liver and blood

A Delicious Fruit from Central Asia: The Tibetan Goji Berry

Kicharee, Ayurvedic Recipe for Convalescence

Pumpkin Seed Butter, for immunity and parasite cleansing

Taste and the Elements

Wu Zi Wan Stamina Formula



Kitchen Doctor:
Taste and the Elements

The Ayurvedic system of taste and the elements is presented in a way that anyone interested can immediately begin applying the ideas so as to further constitutional balance through diet. Ayurveda teaches that every individual is born with a unique physical type, called prakriti. Through diet, thought, and life style, the body either maintains harmony or exhibits the symptoms of imbalance. Recognizing how we go out of alignment is the first step towards control.


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