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by Ingrid Naiman

Candida albicans is a major concern for millions of sufferers.

My own background is in "energetic medicine," a system of thought that takes into account individual constitutional types. In Tibetan medicine, they are called bile, phlegm, and wind. The Chinese use a five element system of metal, wood, fire, water, and earth that is actually considerably different from the Ayurvedic system of five elements and three doshas: ether, air, fire, water, and earth and the "faults" that are very similar to the Tibetan system although they use Sanskrit terminology, even when translated: vata, pitta, and kapha. I use all these systems but also have my own system that is based on the four elements of both Greek medicine and astrology.

In my observation, it is primarily people of the water type—or people who go through a period of what is called "water derangement"—who suffer from yeast infections. Though it's too much for an introductory post to go into endless details about this type, constitutional type can be easily determined either from symptoms, such as coloring and pulse, or the horoscope, in which case one uses the Moon and the contacts (called aspects) of others planets to the Moon.

The Water Element

The water element is very strong in childhood and then it tends to balance out sometime after puberty unless it somehow remains predominant. It can be the dominant element if one is born a water type or if one deranges the water element by eating foods that are sweet or laced with growth hormones. A century ago, the per capita consumption of sugar in the U.S. was 8-12 pounds per year. It is now more than this per month, and the reason is that sugar is used to prolong shelf life of foods that are produced for the commercial market. However, it is not just sugar that is the problem, it is all foods that are energetically sweet, and this includes dairy products and most of the staple foods, including processed foods such as bread and pastas. As if this weren't challenging enough, all foods that are hard to digest, either because they are old and lacking in vitality or because they are reheated or cooked in a microwave, add to the burden of "water" in the body.

Water and fire are the antagonists and metabolic balancers. Water is anabolic; fire is catabolic. Water is used to produce growth and it accounts for life and longevity as well as fertility. Fire consumes. It is found in the gastric secretions: hydrochloric acid in the stomach as well as bile and enzymes and insulin. Without fire, what is available is not used and this results in surfeit. Some of this surfeit becomes nutrition for "hitchhikers," organisms such as yeasts and parasites, but it could just lead to weight gain, congestion, or swellings . . . so people with excess water usually have some of these symptoms, especially phlegm and mucus in the lungs.

All of this is brought into balance by raising the fire since it is generally safer to increase a deficient element than to remove an excess. The protocols that I developed for candida have all involved hot spices along with a careful avoidance of growth hormones, many of which are found in animal products that are ingested by people. These same products often have antibiotic residues and abuse of antibiotics contributes heavily to candida.

Candida and Mercury

Curiously, quite by accident, I discovered that candida always got worse when mercury was removed from the teeth. At first I thought it was because the composites used in dental work are hugely estrogenic, equivalent to about 500 hormone replacement treatments, in other words, a single composite filling supplies about the same amount of estrogen as a fiery person might produce in an entire lifetime—less than what a watery person would produce, but still a staggering amount of pressure on the body to stay in balance.

So, while mercury is toxic and dangerous, the composites present challenges also. However, some of my theories toppled when I found that even people who replaced the mercury with noble metals, gold usually, had the same flare ups of candida. At this time, I met an environmental dentist who came to me for help with his melanoma. He had a darkfield microscope and showed me what the mercury does in the blood. It forms a cation, a small cluster of metals that have the opposite electrical charge as red blood cells. Wherever we found the cations (pronounced cat ions) in the blood, we found chaos. As we began chelating these out using cilantro and chlorella, the cations disappeared but the candida got worse, much worse, at least for the first 2-3 days of the chelation.

Heavy Metal Chelation

Basically, it is possible to remove all mercury, aluminum, and lead in three weeks, but in reality, most people cannot tolerate the process at this speed. In general, the more environmentally sensitive people are, the more symptoms they have of allergies and itching. Usually, the more incapacitated patients have been by the burdens of toxicity and infection, the longer the chelation takes.

As I came to find out, all the dentists doing mercury chelation were familiar with the mercury-candida seesaw; however, they were usually only treating the problem of heavy metal toxicity and leaving patients to find other solutions for candida.

I was on the other end; I had for years been recommending "fire" and intestinal flora for people with candida and was getting good but not excellent results. One holiday with lots of desserts and the candida was usually back with a vengeance.

Over the years, I had tried hydrogen peroxide, chlorophyll implants and oral ingestion, green vegetable juices, and enzymes, but it was not until we developed protocols for mercury chelation that we could finally deal both with mercury complaints and the candida.

The most worrisome symptoms of mercury are not fire-water but water-air so the fiery protocols were actually too stressful for those with heavy metal poisoning. They worked fine on the candida, but not the metals. The metals are very neurologically damaging: they affect the myelin sheaths and memory, but they also take their toll on the intestines and kidneys. So, we had to use rejuvenative protocols for this. There is absolutely nothing in Western medicine for regeneration. What Time does not heal is not healed. However, Eastern medicine is rich in such protocols so it was here that we found what we needed to rebuild bodies and psyches that had been ravaged by candida.

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