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White blood cells are humble workers who, among other functions, devour debris. When the body is effectively fighting infection and/or cancer, there is die off that the white blood cells have to eat. In darkfield microscope examination of live blood cells, it becomes immediately clear that active white blood cells are what "clean" the red blood cells and enable them to function properly and transport oxygen. Immunity can be boosted by the right choice of products that increase the effectiveness of white blood cells.

In the picture to the right, taken from a video of a darkfield microscope examination of the blood, congestion, debris, and poor white blood cell function are apparent. In fact, despite the obvious crisis, no white blood cell response to the alarm is visible here.
To the left, one sees blood taken a month later, at the same phase of the Moon. Believe it or not, this blood was taken from the same person! These results were achieved using a product Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has faithfully re-created based on the work of Eclectic physician, Dr. Eli G. Jones. It is called Compound Syrup Scrophularia (now called Seneca Elixir.)


When I first contracted with a laboratory to make an exact replica of this historic formula, neither the owner of the lab nor myself had any idea what to expect. There were only 19 eight-ounce bottles in the first batch, but the first person to take the tonic had what is normally called a metastatic mass. It was on her clavicle and was the size of a nectarine. It disappeared in ten days. While I would like to know how and why this happened, I have to confess that I don't understand the phenomenon completely, but we obviously decided to make more of the tonic.

I'm not a doctor or a scientist. As I have explained, I'm really just an intensely curious person with a passion for holistic medicine and simple, safe, sane approaches to what often seem like big problems. However, I can't even begin to explain how exciting it is to see such changes in an individual; and the changes were not limited to what could be seen in the video footage. The patient felt much better!

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