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Intestinal Flora

Many people have asked how to use intestinal flora and why.

The intestinal tract is much more than an eliminatory channel with twists and turns. It is an organ of discrimination and assimilation of nutrients crucial to the quality of life and regeneration of worn out tissues, especially those subtle tissues that determine our vitality and old age. Ayurveda teaches that the nutrients absorbed in the lower intestine are used to rebuild not just skin and bones but also the nerve sheaths, brain, reproductive fluids, and the essence of the our being, something called ojas in Sanskrit. It is untranslatable because the concept of ojas does not exist in modern medicine. However, it is this precious substance that imparts luster, effulgence, to that mystical emanation we call magnetism or perhaps the aura.

So, the intestinal tract is much more than a sewer line, it is a vital organ upon which we depend for nutrition of the finer type. One might even aver that what is assimilated in the stomach provides for our immediate needs, sugars, whereas the further down the gastrointestinal tract food travels, the more subtle the mechanism of assimilation and regeneration. Ergo, whether our bones are brittle or strong and our nerve sheaths are adequately insulated depends as much on assimilation as diet and exercise.

Our intestinal tract is populated by all sorts of bacteria. These are roughly categorized as friendly and putrefactive. For proper intestinal function, we need about 85% friendly bacteria and 15% putrefactive bacteria. In most people, these ratios are reversed. While putrefactive bacteria is necessary, an excessive amount means that decomposing nutrients within the body are producing a noxious gas that is the cause not only of gastric and eliminatory distress but also embarrassing and unhealthy odor and sounds. Ayurvedic medicine describes the colon as the place of accumulation of vata, or air energies. These are the cause of pain, nervousness, and premature aging. Someone with excess vata cannot relax or rejuvenate worn tissues. So poor colon function is more than an "irregularity," it is a serious medical and emotional problem. I added "emotional" because nervousness, not to mention insomnia, is draining and can lead to the "crazies."

Types of Intestinal Flora

Most people are familiar with acidophilus, but there are many different kinds of flora that are natural to the lower intestine. Ex-factory, many products have lots of live bacteria, but there is always the question of how active the bacteria are months after being put into a bottle or box. My rule of thumb is not to demonstrate brand loyalty where flora is concerned. Buy a small container, use it quickly, and then try something different the next time. This said, there are obviously some brands that are more conscientiously put together than others. Of these, I have always had extraordinary reports on one of the less familiar ones, Topfer, a product from Germany that is in a powder form that has to be mixed up like a milkshake. There are two formulations: Eugalan and Lactopriv, the latter being for people with dairy intolerance. One box lasts about ten days. For some people, the change is dramatic in the first day or two. For example, AIDS patients with diarrhea have been able to stop the fluid loss in as little as one day with Eugalan and cream of buckwheat breakfast cereal (made by Pocono.) Normally, people should expect that it takes closer to ten days to several months to repopulate the large intestine with proper flora. In the meantime, chlorinated and fluoridated water can wipe out flora in very short order. Diarrhea, of course, also tends to put people back at square one. Antibiotics and even excessive use of "natural" supplements such as colloidal silver or essential oils can also destroy both friendly and putrefactive bacteria.

Turmeric is one of the major culinary herbs that helps to repopulate intestinal flora.



Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv

My favorite probiotics are German intestinal flora made by Topfer, Eugalan and Lactopriv.

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Turmeric Extract, 2 oz.
Curcuma longa

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Wobenzym N, 100 tablets



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